Kingdom Chapter 602

Raws came late. We don’t control when we get usable raws to work off btw.

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58 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 602

  1. reader7

    People can be assholes. You’re cool tho. Thanks

  2. castro2man

    Thank you so much for your service and work! I always appreciate the time it takes to do this! Again thank you!!

  3. Ding Dong Wang

    Fuck yes, seeing Riboku outplayed is one of my favourite things so far in this series. He sweated a little when Ryofui was making his outrageous demands, but this is better.

  4. Jackson

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedications, you are greatly appreciated!

  5. calamander

    Thanks for the chapter, guys!
    Man, I expected more action, it felt too short.

  6. General Zhang


  7. 0verlord1

    Please gongitraped, don’t let the lame comments asking for kingdom’s chapters faster hurt you.
    Not saying this to criticise you, just a genuine request for someone(two) who have given us your amazing work throughout all those years, and make me discover and follow kingdom eagerly each and every week.
    Thanks a lot for every delightful release.

  8. you turnipfarmers, are amazingggg!!! = ]

  9. Thank you for the chapter and your hard work

  10. Kal

    Like always, thank you!

  11. Cedric

    Man that was a great chapter. I cant wait to see what happens next guys. Honestly Kingdom is my favorite and will always be. Thanks turnips you guys are legends, tales will be told of your greatness

  12. inspiredKreatif

    thanks heaps for your great work as always Turnips… forever grateful

  13. F5

    Thanks for the chapter!

  14. Ash

    Thanks for the chapter mate.
    Million thanks and appreciation from me,who have been reading Kingdom for a long time from here(cant remember exact years,was it 2011 or 2012..

    A note to the complainers asking for early release,kindly be reminded that beggars(like you,complainer) cannot demand.You receive whatever people give.
    -Want it faster?Go translate it yourself

    Thanks again oshit/turnipfarmers/sensescans,keep up the good work.

  15. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  16. Exemron

    you don’t need to explain yourself.
    You’re doing great work and we all appreciate that and come here every week waiting and hoping to see more Kingdom with your great quality.
    You’re doing a great job with the fine cleaning and translating the difficult characters (sometimes not very used 🙂 ones).


  17. X

    THANK YOU!!!! You guys are awesome!

    There are just bunch of assholes who can’t even donate a single cent and keeps on complaining.

  18. Gyoucitizen

    603 pls

  19. Jean-yong

    Those who complain about the release rate are annoyances. Nothing more,They should be ignored as such.
    As always, thanks for the chapter, although it felt quite short.

  20. Udin

    ok guys.. it got me confused
    i imagine gyou fall, but then what?
    provision of the army are spent. Tho they got gyou, it granaries are empty..
    and exit (retsubi) are days away and blocked.. theyr gonna fight again.
    whats qin army gonna eat now? morale not gonna fill their belly, right?
    told the army to become cannibal wont work i guess :v
    i can only think that the full belly army of yotanwa gonna blast thru the exit, back to qin, pack some food cart and deliver it to gyou.
    that, or.. qin other forces that not in this expedition go run that errand.
    also cooperate with other state, which unless they find a corrupt governor, it had very thin possiblity that gonna happen since after zhao’s.. its their turn next.
    any other option is fine, but food at gyou is a must.. right?

    But then, i remember ousen made a request to shouheikun before the campaign.. who know what is it.. maybe he said “theres a nice spot right below gyou.. set up the McDonald branch there, chief.. i bet they’l sell like hotcakes..” who knows.. 😀

    • Ousen

      It’s easy. Find another city and take all their food

    • Shrey

      Its easy kick out the people and fortify the city … it might not have enough food but it has food and is one of the biggest city in zhao

      • Tyr

        I’ve wondered the same… but, i am also thinking the ruling class of gyou would have more supplied/better stock than the populace, they would probably open the walls BEFORE every last scap of food was gone. But even so, not enough to feed an army.

        But, how many horses are in gyou?

        I have no idea what ousen’s exit strategy really is for that… except, he COULD pull a kanki and do a victorious version of the flame hare retreat, break up the army, and tell each unit or so to make it back to retsubi alone, finding food along the way…

        They probably wouldnt be opposed… thats kind of my best guess right now. Eat horses, flame hare.

        • Tyr

          If ur wondering what happens to gyou- i think ousen’s request was to stay in gyou and for ousen’s future movements to be based from there. I think he stays to transition the city to qin leadership

    • Jendra

      Gyou provides a strong defensible position to directly attack the Zhao capital. Provisions wise once they have set up a defensible position in Gyou supplies can be sent from Qin or Yotanwa’s new city as you say.

      Gyou’s fall also means the main Zhao army is gone, so there would be no one significant to offer resistance.

  21. Udin

    ahh.. i forgot to mention the rivers

  22. Crazy_Frog

    maybe food from 9 under taken small city before gyou, still in there

  23. The_Hung

    If Gyou has fallen to Qin, as well as Ryouyou, isnot Retsubi now isolated behind Qin held area ? It will be easy to take by any army from Qin. As for food, i think it will come by river after Retsubi fall ( again XD) . Also I think the request from Ousen will be Qin persuade Wei to attack Zhao if he defeat Riboku and take Gyou. That will make Zhao cannot focus on attack Gyou again and give them time to fortitude their position. My 2 cent

  24. Udin

    Thats some nice logic, guys. Cheers! Well.. guess all that left now, we just gonna enjoy what Hara had in store for us 🙂

  25. rcs83

    I think riboku was outplayed by ousen, even the officers in ousen, suprise by riboku move to change to attack formations, in the last page, i think ousen already saw that change, before it happen not just saw, he orchestrated the whole thing
    Damn, even i got goosebumps just reading it, is there a person like that in real life?

  26. Cloud

    Did I miss some snide comments on the last thread? I only saw a spam of f5 messages. Is that viewed as inconsiderate now? Honest question, bc I will stop as I have joined in before for mild entertainment

  27. reader7

    I’m very glad and grateful that Oshit and company are mature enough not to care. At least, it seems. I suppose the dude could be crying himself to sleep but I kinda doubt it.

    Re: the f5 folks, I think its that no one wants to be associated with those other guys right now… but we’re all probably thinking it, and hitting that button with grim, near hopeless determination. (especially bc this week will be delayed again)

  28. Bajio

    Your work is appreciated greatly, release as and when suits, it’s free content that we wouldn’t be getting otherwise. Fuck the complainers.

  29. Supreme Commander of the F5 Army

    Gotta catch ’em all

  30. Lord Disai

    F5 team
    I send you all the good vibes and energy to the tunip farmers’ team, so that you can be motivated.
    Can’t wait for the chapter.

  31. Trandrew

    F5 Team
    Just a quick one to say thank you to the turnip farmer teams
    be good, be merry and eat well

  32. Sitepu Pulu Badiken

    is there anyone who already watch kingdom movie?
    or find where i can watch it online?

  33. F5 soldier

    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

    Jokes aside, thanks for all the hard work!

  34. ivo

    It has been like this for past couple of weeks. Last week OSHIT u said it will be out one day early and still it is not out. WTF man if u want money from us, just take it but give us our fucking chapter on time..😡 u cant always say that Raw are delayed. Don’t fuck with us. We are not stupid

    • Wanker

      Yo, ima take ya money

    • X

      IF you don’t want to believe then try supplying them with workable RAW rather than money. Everyone would appreciate that.

    • 0verlord1

      Such an obvious, low level trolling…

    • Reader7

      Read words more carefully.

      Oshit said this weeks chapter would also be out late, maybe one day earlier than it was last week, which was late enough that the troll people lost their damn minds.

      …probably because they’re too busy being trolls to actually read stuff.

      …probably because they suffer from a form of human insanity where humans expect other humans and the big wide world to conform to their tiny ego expectations of how things should be

  35. Beron

    Wondering if you guys from Turnip Farmers ever considered charging.
    I for one would be glad in paying some amount monthly or weekly.
    This could help on RAW purchases and have the team schedule-tight!

    In any way, it`s been years and I assume many others wouldn`t mind paying, knowing the quality of what you guys provided us for years.

    Thanks for all the hard work!

    • dum dum

      >Wondering if you guys from Turnip Farmers ever considered charging. I for one would be glad in paying some amount monthly or weekly. This could help on RAW purchases and have the team schedule-tight!
      read the FAQ

  36. Just trying to help

    It’s out on sensescans guys

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