Kingdom Chapter 603

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  1. Jackson

    Thank you, you’re the best! Sweet!

  2. thanks for the chapter, the heat keeps turning up.

  3. inspiredKreatif

    this is great stuff..!! both the chapter and the translation work.. cheers!

  4. Ding Dong Wang

    How does taking Gyou help when the Qin have no food, and Gyou has no food in it either? Starving inside a fortress is still starving.

    • Bonjour

      Riboku is loyal to his king. When the king and his family falls the country falls. Otherwise it’s the Kanki army we are talking about. It wouldn’t surprise me if he lessened the amount of mouths to feed.

      • Corey

        I think capturing Ryouyou (Yo Tan Wa) and Gyou (Kanki) also opens up a supply route from Qin to Gyou if I’m not mistaken so that could also be very important.

        • Hyuu

          Just got to assume, that while most of the food was “burnt” some of it was also “stashed” away. I mean I don’t think you can really “hide” enough food to feed an army but I’ve sorta given up thinking logically.

          Like there’s a don’t quote me on it, “story/records” of Cao Cao during the Three Kingdoms period basically cutting his army rations in half to pro-long the campaign but finally when his army was on the verge of revolting due to being cut in half rations he just killed the supply officer and said effectively he was corrupt, had stolen the army rations and that Cao Cao himself had at night gone to claim back the rations stolen away. Obviously that surges morale and they carry the day. Think there’s parallels to our current story, so yeah keen to see the big reveal.

        • Ding Dong Wang

          If Yotanwa is coming with supplies from Ryouyou, then there’s really no need for Gyou to be taken first. If they entered Gyou, then Riboku would besiege it, and at that point, you would likely need all Yotanwa’s troops as reinforcements in order to make him break the siege. But if Yotanwa is coming with good and troops, then there’s no point in taking Gyou first: just drop the supplies off at Ousen’s army while it’s still in the field, while Riboku either has to retreat or face both armies at once. At that point, Gyou’s surrender would be guaranteed as well.

          Wouldn’t it have made more sense if Yotanwa’s victory lit a fire under Riboku’s ass, as opposed to Gyou running out of supplies? Have I forgotten some rationale offered in previous chapters?

          • Tyr

            I hadnt thought of this, but ya, while yotanwa had said she wouldnt send her army, it is quite possible she’d sent supplies. But then again, she’d have to send enough men to ensure the food wouldnt be intercepted, so its not a lock.

            In other news, Ouhon better show and take on Gyou’un. For his own sense of honor, if he can stand, he’d better take Gyou’un’d head.

          • Ichij15

            Yotanwa can’t leave nor she can send help to ousen and Kanki. She won but a great cost of her army. She ran out of food and now she is eating Ryouyou food. Sending food to the other army means starving ryouyou soldiers and population and doing that will risk an uprising. She can’t afford dealing with that now. Specially with the shape of her army

          • yogiHalim

            Main target is to capture Gyou thus bulk of Zhao troop will have to be stationed in Kantan to defend emperor.
            Gyou, heavily fortified with tall walls and vicinity to main zhao troop garrison in Kantan, gave once in a life time opportunity by opening its gate to locust refugee.
            Sending troop from Ryuyou risks assault from zhao stationed at Retsubi (border cit with weak defense
            lead by Shun Sui Ju (
            There you have it.

    • Ourorboros

      It doesn’t help, Riboku can still play defense IRL. In story, it’s just a mechanic to create a false sense of urgency to justify Riboku’s next move.
      IRL: To quote Vince Lombardi “Fatigue makes cowards of us all”. Stavation does a pretty good job too.
      The Zhou troops would close the doors to the inner citadel, where they should have full food supplies.
      Remember that Ousen sent a message to Qin to stop food shipments. None are coming from the south. Also there are about 50K Zhao soldiers that moved south to cut off that route after Yotanwa defeated them.
      Ousen’s army is starving, the wings have been fighting for two days without food, except dead horses. They would in fact be ready to collapse today.
      Kanki’s executive officer already asked a few days ago for a promise to retreat when things look bad. If his top assistant is thinking that, what are the rank and file thinking? Especially since they are former bandits.
      In theory it’s okay if Yotanwa sends supplies, but neither Ousen nor Kanki knows about it. Even then, it’s questionable if there is actually enough food to send.
      Controlling the mountains helps. Destroy the Zhou mountain fortresses to the west and a route to Qin is open. But that takes time that Ousen doesn’t have. Even if Qin sends food now, through any route, it’s too late.

      The smarter move would have been to set fire on third day or so, when things were still being sorted out in Gyou and all was in confusion. Ousen’s troops would have been fully fed and he could have been dug in knowing what to expect.

      Of course IRL the siege of Gyou would have already been lifted. By my count there were more than enough Zhou troops outside that made piecemeal attacks to contest the area. Added to the younger, able bodied farmers for a militia and Kanki would be in retreat.

      • Osi

        IRL the siege wasn’t lifted, lol.

        IRL doesn’t really matter too much, because, we’re reading a simulation of the results of the battle. Reading the simulation, you’ve assumed, because WE haven’t thought of an answer for Qin’s food shortage, Ousen hasn’t.

        but that’s why Kingdom is great. We couldn’t think of a solution once Retsubi’s trap became clear. Ousen did, and it was consistent with the story.

        Aren’t you just assuming, (arrogantly?) you’re better at this than Hara sensei, despite him proving, repeatedly, he’s better at it than us?

        In this situation, Riboku really can’t continue to play defense. That makes no sense. Even if the Gyou falls and Kanki starves and has to leave, Gyou still fell, and Riboku will be beheaded, Zhao will be weaker in a lot of ways.

        Also, consider the things you don’t know: how much food is actually left in Gyou… it will fall before the food is done

        How many horses, dogs, and water buffalo are in gyou?

        What messages have been going back and forth to Qin?

        How many other cities are there close by that may or may not be defensible at this point… much like the ones ousen and co. knocked off on the way to gyou?

        Also, when exactly did Ousen send word to Qin telling them not to resupply him?? ? I missed that… That would make no sense. Did he send a message stating the supply line from Retsubi couldn’t be maintained? Likely. Did he tell them not to send any food? Seriously doubt it. In fact, if anything, he would have asked them to use a different supply line

  5. Still 20 more chapters before shukai plains conclusion..? That’s roughly 5 months away from now.. Getting sleepy here.. Probably be back on new year eve..

  6. Thank you for the chapter!

  7. killerrr chapterr~~~!!!~ thanks turnipfarmerssss! =]]]]]

  8. aji_saka

    is that subordinate of ousen 4th commander’s a female?

    just want to make sure, in ch 500 p15 mentioned that there are 2 supply post in Qin. Ryuuka & Kinan

    we know that Ousen army supply convoy taken from Kinan, so, what use supply route in ryuuka for?

    • Hyuu

      That was a meant to be a decoy as the provisions sent over there were just barrels of soil and not grain. I mean makes sense they’d try to fool Zhou into thinking they were attacking from the west.

      • Hyuu

        Also don’t think there’s a fourth sub commander, more like his second commander’s champion. Ousen army is only 30,000 strong so the last 10,000 I assume is under Ousen’s direct command.

  9. Tyr

    Not that anyone probably cares but im changing my post-war prediction. Now i think, most likely, hi shin gets folded into ousen’s army.

    A few reasons for this… cheifly, ousen has had a trick or two up his sleeves in every battle, this time, one thing he relied on was riboku underestimating ouhon, mouten, and particularly the hi shin unit….upon whose victory ousen’s whole strategy depends.

    Also, future-shin wears ousen style armor

    • Shin

      I thought it was Ouki style armor

      • Crazy_Frog

        shin will use armor like in first chapter

      • Tyr

        Faces on breastplates only happens on two soldiers in the qin army, and one soldier doesnt wear it yet… ousen and shin.

        That said… i think im changing the prediction agsin to “i dunno.” The thing is, because theyre an independanr unit, hi shin is already capable of full general independant action. Making them a vice general would be a total waste of resources.

        Basically, the natural evolution of all three independant units is “great general of the heavens,” in terms of roles and responsibiities. Qin is smart enough to knownthis, they will stay independant, acting almost as “junior great generals”

  10. 0verlord1

    Honest question, i’m wondering how much “food” (and what kind of food) is needed for armies of this size for a day?

    • Reader 7

      Not quite sure but here’s some info.

      I think the really important gist is, soldiers were often expected to make due by hunting, or… cannibalism I guess! Of course, eating horses would probably be easier to stomach.

      Reading these, it occurs to me again that as long as there are no armies between Gyou and Qin, Ousen may disburse the forces and have everyone fend for themselves.

      • 0verlord1

        Thank you! “if an army is well disciplined, it’s soldiers were forbidden from taking animals for the local farm” *laugh in kanki’s army*

        I didn’t find clear quantities, but if you need, let’s say, 200g of millet to make a porridge with enough calories for one soldier’s daily ration, you would need at least 40 tons of millet a day to nourish the whole Qin army of 200000 men! Can you imagine the hassle of the grain transport and distribution (without even the “how do you get that much grain even in your own country?”) and if Suprem commander Ousen’s joint armies had 15 days of food after the siege of retsubi, it would mean 600 tons of food to transport!

        About the foraging or hunting capacity of the soldiers, I suppose it would not be possible to find enough to eat for even the Ousen army only after 1 or 2 days, can you imagine 70000 – 80000 men frantically searching something to eat on such a reduce zone after a hard day of battle?

        • Reader 7

          Honestly, no, I really can’t… “locusts” wouldn’t even describe it, but now I get why someone (was it hara) once said a marching army was like a plague of locusts.

          If left to scavenge, a good amount of them would likely starve… unless they can get Zhao to surrender, and in the surrender, take Zhao’s supplies.

          Honestly, OUSEN REALLY NEEDS ZHAO’S SUPPLIES! That may be the key to his strategy working…

          Anyway, consider this other fact I just found out: A war horse could be expected to be around 2000 to 2500 pounds, maybe 900 to 1000 kg.

          If 200 g of millet is enough for a single soldier meal, than, a dead war horse would yield a ridiculous amount of portions… I don’t even want to say bc it sounds so crazy, but, math is math.

          That being said, this war having been prolonged no longer sounds as insane. War horses were pretty huge. I’ll just leave out the part about Shin probably having become the ancient china version of Tokyo Goul at this point XD

          • 0verlord1

            Yeah, with all his campaigns, he must be fed up on proteins with all the dead war horse meat 😀

            In one of the link you provide, someone stated that the roman empire , at some point, gave one pound (about 450g) of meat a day to each soldier (sounds tactically and practically crazy when on march, but let’s give the man a chance).
            In your info about the weight of war horses, i suppose it is in total, not the meat only? if Wikipedia can be trusted (i mostly think so 😉 a horse if 50% muscles, and there is many other things you can eat in a horse, but i wouldn’t really count the bones in terms of caloric benefit.
            If you get something like 700K of edible and nutrient food on a war horse, it would give you 1555 daily roman rations, so yeah, if your cavalry had a bad day (or the ennemy’s, if you claimed their dead horses after the battle) ,you could feed a lot of people with horse meat.

            About the “locusts” description, perhaps you refer to Kyoukai (hence, Hara) who called the refugees created by Ousen and headed to you Gyou like that?

          • Reader 7

            Interesting! however I might bump your number 1555 up slightly, because bone marrow is edible. Then again, maybe not, because some of the %50 of flesh and organs may not be edible.

            Re: the locusts, it was more that: I think the rations given out were reserved more for engagements, when on the march, armies would gather as many resources as possible from their surroundings, scattering out and sending parties to hunt, forage, and probably to just take stuff from farmers. (I guess they only took grains in China, not livestock…)

            So, a passing army would pretty much leave nothing edible behind it except food they weren’t allowed to take from the local populace, much like locusts…

        • Genn Greymane

          The locust comparison likely stems from the practice of armies procuring their provisions on-site, be it hunting, foraging, pilaging…

        • Reader 7

          Also, fun fact, I think Hara references Horse bone broth in this war. At some point, the men are sipping on liquid and complaining it’s “Mostly water.”

          The easiest way to extract the fats in bone marrow, which are probably the easiest to digest and most potent form of energy around, is to make bone broth. The men were likely complaining that their hot bone broth ration had very little bone broth in it…

          Meanwhile, Shin got a portion of horsemeat.

          I think we can surmise that Hara has surmised that the meat portions went to the officers, and bone broth to the men, in terms of priority.

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  13. 0verlord1

    F5 army, gather up!

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