Kingdom Chapter 639

Entire world shuts down and somehow I’m still working harder than ever instead of just playing FF7 all day.

Oh the woes of being a software dev.

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45 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 639

  1. Dinesh

    Thanks bro for your hard work.

  2. Pertamax hunter

    Why I’m not the 1st!

  3. Renseo

    Even iron age civilization does not like bordergore. Next battle to fix it then.

    Thanks for chapter 🙂

  4. Solaris

    Thanks for chapter! Man this arc has been one hell of a ride

  5. Mr T

    “Oh the woes of being a software dev.”

    I’m studying react and javascript.
    I’ve worked as a c# developer for about 8 months in the past.
    I’m currently a tester and looking to get into the programming world again, either C# or preferably react.

    What do you think the job market is like for programmers at the moment?

    • Mr T

      Also, Thanks for the chapter 😀

      • Notaname

        It depends what do you intend to do. But in france, if you’re not bad, the job market for developpers is good.

      • Honestly, as a programmer, you’ll always have a job if you’re good; the key word being good. Demand for good programmers FAR outstrips supply.

        The larger companies (i.e. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Apple in the US) have very high focus on Java-like languages. C# is basically interchangeable with Java.

        I used to work with react / ng2+ / js / vue over 2 years ago when I was building more web apps and all of them are for the most part interchangeable if you’re looking to become more of a web dev since they all share the same similar high level concepts – data binding, state management via redux or rx etc. or just some mangled observable or promise jumble if you really want I guess.

        I actually moved to the US a while back due to how absurd the demand is over here. Pay at these largest US companies, for example, is roughly 150k USD for entry level programmers and 200-275k for the average programmer and they are ALWAYS looking to hire talent.

    • Ourorboros

      I believe so.
      Tou was on the border with Wei and Han while Moubu was on the south against Chu.

  6. I think there might be a translation mistake. On page 18, the panel on the bottom left corner says The Qin army attacking western Zhao…. It should be The Qin army attacking western Wei. Right?

    • Personally, not a fan of the remake. There’s nothing in the game that makes me want to press new game. The original, I’ve at least replayed a hundred times with thousands of hours of gameplay. I should’ve done what my brother’s doing and just wait for the rest of the games.
      Re3 remake however is an absolute blast, replayed it 3 times already and it just keeps getting better every play through

    • Yes, you’re right. This has been fixed.

  7. NotAName

    Being a web developper for a e-commerce tool, I can feel you.
    I’m working harder than ever, because of online sales ..

  8. Letouriste

    thank you guys!
    well, at least you will not have any troubles after the crisis. Many people will be jobless from all that

  9. Jackson

    Sweet! Thank you!

  10. Ash

    Thanks for the chapter, Oshit.
    The way King of Zhao treating Riboku now is similar to how Donald Trump treating/blaming WHO for his own mistakes.

  11. Malpheus

    Had a feeling you were a dev. Great work isn’t it? When you get back to SGA I’ll take a trip out there and try to buy you a drink. You’re a legend.

      • Malpheus

        Just read you’re in the states, probably the bay, I drive by you alot. I work at one of those firms you mentioned above. SGA = Singapore code for one of our DC’s.

        • Ah.

          I’m pretty hesitant to meet people in real life (or I’d take a few of you up on the drinks offers) purely because what we do here is illegal.

          For reference, I do actually work for one of those big companies I mentioned above or one equivalent in size to those anyway and may or may not be in the Bay Area although I definitely am in the US :P.

          • Malpheus

            LOL no worries. Totally understood. I work for one of the FANG’s and can see that. I thought the manga was unlicensed and fair game for scanalation.

          • It is not licensed anywhere for English release. It is still illegal since we’re distributing copyrighted material without permission.

            Interestingly, under most countries copyright laws, even if we only released purely text translations and you had to map it yourself to the panels, this would still be infringing copyright since translations are generally considered derivative works and require the permission of the copyright holder.

  12. Jjobs

    you are lucky to have work. most are about to run out of money not having a job

  13. Boruto

    Software dev? Really? Wow, nice WordPress.

    • It’s pretty hard to beat free and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel? Life’s not a pissing contest, y’know.

      I don’t know if your issues stem from some underlying mental problems or if daddy has an alcohol problem and beats you and mummy ran away and you feel the need to rage against the world, but feel free to continue I guess, you’re at least mildly entertaining as our resident troll here in the comments section.

      • Boruto

        That’s true
        How can you know?

        • Tyr

          I say this out of compassion-

          Why you troll is given away by the name you chose, I’m guessing.

          I bet someone in your family, probably your father, is successful, eh?

          And tried to force you down a path for which you didn’t show much promise.

          Now, rather than find what you’re actually good at, you do…this.

          Its not too late! The lives are long, perhaps you should rethink, and focus on developing yourself, however you choose, and find something you can be good at, and try.

          Or, you can continue being an anonymous hater. Your call-

        • Kabuto

          Don’t sweat the details, this dude is just a loser that obviously has never achieved anything else than living off other people’s efforts. The fact that he or she or it spends so much time trolling indicates that no one cares to give any attention to this fella in real life.

          • Boruto

            We are all loser in this comment section. No life, only waiting for next chapter

          • LOL. you gotta admit, Boruto has his moments.

            Damn it, shouldn’t feed the trolls.

          • Tyr

            Hahah. Well… i cant say i appreciate the moments much. I just think they’re sad. The classic trolling model is: if you crave attention, but feel unworthy of it by trying to work with and for others, settle for getting attention by antagonizing everyone and anyone who will take the bait.

            Ultimately, the one who pays the highest toll for this is the antagonizer herself, or himself. Thats a pretty sad way to relate to the world. Downright tragic.

            But I will say, I’ve found this particular situation most educational.

            The troll who strikes hardest at “other people’s success” also needs to feel that everyone else is a loser too… as stated! what a mental cage that is… better to free oneself from ones own harmful self image.

            Oh, maybe i’m feeding it too. But, bah, they only have the power of being antagonists. Pity is poor flavor, i’d imagine.

            And i’m not saying i’m so great, i’m not. But you are the (o)shit, so… clearly the troll model comes from inner desperation!

            (See what i did there? Clever pun on yr name? Lol)

            Ok, back to ignoring desperate attention seekers. Its been fun kinda tho-

          • Boruto

            Tyr is short for writyr?
            Try medium dude

  14. Tyr

    There’s no tension left in this arc. I imagine the rest may be really quick.

    Hara is a genius of old school warfare. I secretly wish I could challenge him in a general’s battle, lol. He’d be the strategic type, i see, i am all instinct.

    He’d probably win, unless i’d start a fire.

    And yall fools can make ur jokes. I really dont care.


  15. InspiredKreatif

    thanks for the chapter… great work as always Turnips.

  16. X

    Thank you! I am really curious to how they “preserve” the meat and seafoods.

    Work is still work 🙂 Good for you that you still have your income coming in. Others got axed or just relying on government “help”.

  17. Tukang Siomay

    Why no raw released? Break no?

  18. Malpheus

    French spoilers out, looks like the climax has already occurred and we have some resolutions coming way sooner than later.

  19. Bubblesdied

    Chapter 640 out on sense scans, thanks for it!

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