Kingdom Chapter 640

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37 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 640

  1. Gledi

    Thank you for your hard work, especially in these difficult times😁✌🏻

  2. Thanks

    the last page seems like the end of kingdom manga, with happy ending and shit.

    anyway, what is the message in the bottom of last page? is it break?

  3. Tukang Siomay

    Damn I lost my pertamax…

  4. X

    Thank you! How come the former king of Zhao produce an imbecile faggot who loves young boys?

    • Letouriste

      you always have weirdos in old royal families. Just look at Chu, they have that totally mental dude as next to be king and so needed to forge another bloodline

    • Tukang Siomay

      Same thing happened to ying zheng, 2nd emperor of china ruined 1st emperor accomplishments

  5. Boruto

    At least I get to see the closure in this arch. Tested positive and going to die soon, fuck the government

    • Udin

      nooo! whyyy?!! pregnancy is one of most joyous events. u should take care of yourself, for the baby sake too ofc.
      i know stretch marks, throwing up, and etc, are a pain to deal with.. but dont go that far please ma’am. all lifes are wonderful. im sure an obstetrician will provide u with better sollutions.
      ur not alone, so..Please seek help, Dont give up!

  6. Letouriste

    thank you guys!
    weird to see En-san so shocked, i thought it was common knowledge in the army

  7. Next Episode: Shin becomes General!!!…… Hopefully…

  8. Jackson

    You guys are the best, thank you very much!

  9. KOLGaming

    Thanks for the chapter Turnip! If y’all got any free time, can y’all upload chapter 638, 639 and 640 to Dropbox. Thanks again for the hard work.


    I can’t wait for this damn ceremony. HYPEEEE

  11. Renseo

    Sure a nice feeling witdrawing 50k stacks after having 99% overextension

  12. KOLGaming

    No need to do that if your hands are full at the moment. Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

  13. sinz

    ok, correct me if im wrong
    ousen have 70k soldier
    kanki have 60k soldier
    yontawa brought her 50k soldier
    why tou the great general only have 40k soldier
    gakuka – ouhon have 5k
    shin 5k combine with kyoukai 3k
    even heki as general have 8k soldier

    why the different between the general? specially tou? is he great general, his rank above ousen and.kanko?

    can anyone shed me some light it confusing

    • Ash

      Ousen, Kanki and Yotanwa have more soldiers compared to Tou because they launched a major attack into Zhou+they need to conquer nearly impregnable Gyou, which requires lots of soldiers compared to Tou, which was on an easier campaign against Wei.

      In term of rank,Heki is simply General,so he can command 10K troops,plus minus several thousand.

      Tou, Yotanwa, Ousen, Kanki,Moubu….all of them are Great General now (in my opinion, I could be wrong though).They can command more than 10k troops, similar to late Duke Hyou and Ouki.

      • wostygestate

        “In term of rank,Heki is simply General,so he can command 10K troops,plus minus several thousand.”

        Heki has been shown in previous chapters to lead 30k troops. What are you talking about?

        “in my opinion, I could be wrong though).”

        There are no opinions, only confirmed facts from the manga.

        • Tyr

          Kanki and Ousen have dedicated soldiers, Tanwa has armies of mountain people.

          Tou, Heki, Moubu and future generals Shin, Ouhon and Mouten have core armies, and Then conscripts.

          Also, losses happen, the numbers literally cannot be fixed. Bc deat

          And bc non core soldiers are reassigned where they’re needed

  14. Cloud

    Anyone know where I can find the new anime with subs with the Japanese name. No clue why a guys doing the translation with Chinese babes when literally everything is Japanese.

  15. Yohandoko Caesario

    So the 3 captains will most def promoted to generals right?
    What you guys think will happen?
    I think Mouten most likely will join the Ousen’s army. He will replace Makou as the second commander but still hold the freedom as a special unit. He’ll probably instructed by sensei shouheikun as well to monitor Ousen’s dangerous nature

    • Tyr

      By virtue of being given independent units, those three have been groomed for great generals from the start.

      Qin is on a tight, difficult schedule, to unite qin…

      I don’t think any of the three will be posted to another general’s forces. I think they’ll remain independant.

      That said, mouten and shin have earned it. Has ouhon? Only kind of.

      I still think there’s a small chance that, having killed houken, kesha, chongaryuu, etc etc, shin will be recognized as a huge badass by all of china, and, for morale, may jump right to “great general,” tho he hasnt earned it. Either way, his next appointment will be a hard one, in which he will be given a hugely important task that will draw the eyes of all the kingdoms.

      • Given Shin’s last achievement, i wont go as far as putting him on par with other great generals like moubu and tou just yet. He has to receive another kind of special award that worth his merits.

        Yet i still couldnt believ Shin managed to take Houken’s head. i think its still too early slay one of the three great heavens. you kidding me shin??? lol

  16. Stephen

    Shin is going home from another country, 14 days of quarantine is a must

  17. Stephen

    Another break for a month guys. Any recommendations on free courses to learn Japanese?

    • sinz

      what? break for a month? because corona? i thought china and japan already declining regarding this corona virus

      • Alex_And_Re

        Apparently a month of break to prepare the next Arc, iI find it ok since we just ended this Arc that has been lasting since years.

        Just hope we get at least 1 chapter before the break.

  18. Tyrant Playz

    Kingdom 641 raws are already available so I believe that we will get to read 641 at the very least and there is a 3-Issue break for planning the future of the comic so that is 21 days. I saw the 1st page of chapter 641 and I am very very excited. so please bring the English version Oshit and team, we will be forever grateful.

  19. Letouriste

    as usual than you guys very much for the quality translation. When i tried the french one yesterday, it was…urgh. They got all kinds of little things wrong.

  20. Zedyh

    Thanks for the chapter. Finally getting close to the beginning of the first chapter.

    And seems like Kingdom only on the June 4th T.T How to endure it?

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