Kingdom Chapter 641

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Kingdom is on break for a month.

According to Hara, this isn’t due to COVID-19 but rather that he had submitted a request for it last year to spend time to think about future chapters.


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92 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 641

  1. inspiredKreatif

    oh man.. long break, but hopefully it’ll mean he’ll be recharged for the next arc…

    btw is Shin’s choice really that bad/idiotic??

    thanks for the great work as always.

    • Masako

      It’s just a very generic and unremarkable name. Imagine you were a slave and never had a last name, and finally thanks to your many exploits one will be bestowed upon you, and you pick “Smith”.

    • John

      This is a historical manga and Ri Shin is a real person. Shin, the manga character, never had a real choice. Hara HAD to pick Ri as his name.

      So it’s not a question of bad/idiotic choice. All we can judge is, how well did Hara present Shin’s choice?

      • Masako

        The choice is presented as bad and idiotic in-comic. That’s what we’re commenting here : why Shin’s choice is presented as stupid in the story. Nobody’s saying Hara should have named the character something else.

        • Tyr

          I may be the guy who never has a bad word to say about Mr. Hara, so of course, i completely disagree.

          Hyou was not a general, and, picked the name at random, on a whim.

          Shin saw hyou as his only family, and, his deepest motivation is to see hyou’s dream realized. It was hyou who, from a child, dreamed, first, of being a general. Shin adopted hyou’s dream, and carried it on, for hyou.

          It is only natural he would choose the same family name as the only family he ever had. Nothing else would make sense.

          • inspiredKreatif

            yea I totally get why Shin would choose the name chosen by Hyou. you explained it beautifully there Tyr.. I was just surprised at Karyo Ten’s and Shoubunkun’s reaction as if he chose Winklevoss or something absurd like that 😄

        • Stephen

          Ri Shin and Ri Boku, coincidence? I think not
          We haven’t seen Shin’s father yet. Maybe he survived and be a great general somewhere

          • karabiner98

            It is a Coincidence, Same family name is hardly anything odd, in a country as big as china it is bound to happen.

        • It’s not like he could choose something else, his name in real life in Japanese is Ri Shin, in Ancient Chinese it’s Li Xin. Giving a historical character a different name because it doesn’t sound good is completely disrespectful.

  2. Dark

    Oh Man…gonna miss my Kingdom Fix!

    Oshit – Thanks for all the hard work you put in! Hope your job isn’t going too busy. On the bright side, it’ll give you a chance to take a break and play some FF7

  3. long break… T.T
    Thanks for the chapter

  4. BTW, you missed the link to Sense

  5. COVID20

    After all the years he finally becoming a general. Can we finally see him wearing the armor we see in chapter 1? CAN’T FKING WAIT

  6. Can anyone explain the joke of Shin giving ‘ei as his family name?

  7. Jackson

    Thank you very much!

  8. Tyr

    I’m gonna need a support group and or medication to get through this

  9. Oresama

    Wow a long break but a deserved one after such arc. Take this time to get a break also you guys, both turnip and sense boys, you deserve it to. Thanks for your hard work.
    This is a nice chapter before the break. Laughed my ass off till the last page. Thank you.

  10. Sieg Heil

    Thank you for your contributions. This humble shall enter secluded retreat in wait of your return.

  11. John


  12. Li Mu

    The birth of General Li Xin. I’m overwhelmed with emotion right now. I’m sure Hara sensei is feeling the same. Thanks oshit for the good work.

  13. one word, EPIC. i gotta say man, it has been a long ass tiring arc with more than 100 chapters.. hell of a roller coaster plot ride.. closed with an epic ending. everything is EPIC.

    thanks hara, sense, and oshit. it has been a wonderful 3 years journey in taking down riboku 🙂

    • karabiner98

      RiBoku is not dead yet and it’s certainly not his end. I think the Zhao army will do a Coup and install Prince Ka as the new king of Zhao. And thus the fighting will start again.
      But nonetheless, it is the beginning of the downfall of Zhao.

      • kampret

        but its gonna be too dragging if they stick with zhou again. the previous 2 wars has already been with zhou. maybe its safe to say until the next war arc, we gon see a few domestic situation

  14. Tyr

    I dunno if this is accurate, bc i dont speak mandarin(or even if thats the dialect these folk speak at this point in history). Nor can I read kanji.

    But, this from “” makes the surname Li much cooler for Li Shin:

    Meaning & History
    From Chinese 理 (lǐ) meaning “reason, logic”, 立 (lì) meaning “stand, establish”, 黎 (lí) meaning “black, dawn”, 力 (lì) meaning “power, capability, influence” (which is usually only masculine) or 丽 (lì) meaning “beautiful” (usually only feminine). Other Chinese characters are also possible.

    • Mandarin came after the Han Dynasty. Which is basically just a mishmash of the thousands of dialects roaming China at the time.
      The dialect used during the Qin-jin era is just called Old Chinese, Middle Chinese or Archaic Chinese.

    • The character for both Li Mu and Li Xin is 李. This coincidentally does mean plum in Chinese as well.

      As Seig Heil says above, Mandarin did not exist at this period of time and would not for another thousand years. Even the written script used during this time was completely different from modern Chinese script.

      Hara often pulls out Japanese pronunciations of Chinese names out of his ass. The Ruby Characters are often completely made up.

      Many characters have totally made up Chinese names which Hara has then mangled into Japanese. Some characters have no Chinese name at all and just have Japanese names, which among other things, is why we decided not to use Chinese names for translating the manga.

      Any etymology on naming Hara gives us, I think you can probaby take with several shakers full of salt.

  15. Go Kei

    Thanks for the chapter! Can somebody enlighten me, I thought it was the ‘Hi Shin’ unit. What was the ‘Hi’ in it then?

  16. Stephen

    Shin promoted to general, Kyokai to 5000-men-general maybe.
    What about Ten? Isn’t a strategist have a military rank? We see a lot of guys acting like Ten having a general rank without any combat skill.

    • karabiner98

      Ten is a part of Hi Shin, any achievement she rakes will be counted in Hi Shin unit’s achievement.
      She has a rank of strategist of Hi Shin Army, why will she get any rank other than that?
      Ko Shou was the General of his army, he didn’t need any other strategist.

      • letouriste

        strategist is a special rank. Depending on your army organisation, it’s a general or an advisor to the general with some leeway in the battle proper

  17. Junjiro

    Before this chapter, when was the last time we saw Shin’s beat-up shack? 300 chapters ago?

  18. Foot Soldjah

    Hoping Hara fully intends to come back in a month, but the way he ended this arc easily could have been the beginning of the end of the manga…just a series of panos saying that they conquered the rest of China.

    • Stephen

      Another conflict while the campaign ends is terrible in my opinion. No need for another twist. At least wait until the award ceremony. We haven’t seen Hyou grave yet, or Shin’s new outfit and armor. In this chapter we saw Shin with children, maybe he want to get married before sent into another battlefield.

      • Tyr

        All the top generals of all the kingdoms seem to have their own cities, right?

        We didnt see shin hanging out with a bunch of kids, as much as we saw the future, where he and all his men live…there. We saw the birth of his general’s citadel, and the future inhabitants of…

        So i dug it, as the end of the first half of kingdom: Shin’s rise from slave to general. (Thats why we saw his old shack, too)

  19. X


    ty for the chapter.

  20. Stephen

    I wonder why Sei gave him a shack in the middle of nowhere. Now I get it, he prepared an empty lot for Shin when he became a general. Now he can build his own city, the slaver’s bay

  21. M

    was hoping to see Naki, and his clan in Shins new home haha.

  22. A

    That horrible moment where you come back after a week to check for the next chapter, then see that “on break for a month” post you forgot about 😥
    Thanks for the brilliant translations nonetheless! 😀

  23. Boruto

    Give us new chapter

  24. Cloud

    Any chance you guys will have time to upload volume 54+ to the DDL with the hiatus?

    Respectfully a long time fan

  25. cheeky

    Thank you very much for your work!
    Hope everyone is safe from the epidemic.

  26. Lazyism

    Thanks for the great work!!

    I can understand the whole idea of getting a last name for Shin, but how about Great General Tou. He got promoted without a last name, right? He was not a real person, was he?

  27. Boruto

    Where is the new chapter?
    Delayed due to COVID-220 BC???

  28. alisson camoes

    I miss Scipio to Hannibal so much.
    If you guys get bored of playing Final Fantasy and wanna make a few chapters for us, It would be extremely appreciated.

  29. Tyr

    This break is breaking me!


    What of Rinko’s blade? Will it ever be seen again? Maybe shin should give it to shuugen

    What of Kyoukai’s blade? Its dead…? Maybe she should take rinko’s, a dead, formerly sort of sentient sword, thats super depressing

    The archer bros, will they be Ten’s defenders? And continue to stay in camp, shooting sniping arrows when some squad is in trouble? Or will they be offensive pieces?

    Will “General” shin stay in camp more, like Ouki, etc do/did? If so, who leads the regular cavalry, sousi? Then, if not the Hi hyou, who does shin ride with?

    Behei, that guy can’t keep getting promoted, can he? He’s kinda lame

    Duke hyou’s shield, will shin ever use it? Is ouki’s glaive too heavy to use one handed?

    Will chu make a move now, and hit qin while they’re trying to take zhao, or, keep waiting while qin grows in strength?

    How will ouhon deal w the fact that shin both surpassed him, and, took command of his men? Thats really got to sting for a guy like that

    Who takes on kanki, when he defects? Ousen sees it coming, will ousen use kanki as cover for his plans at world domination?

    How will Ten deal when she learns that shin and kyoukai are in wuv?? (Lets face it, thats totally happening)

    So many questions… Hara-sama! Come back already!!!

    • 0verlord1

      Yeah, this is a tough break…

      – i’m not even sure he kept it (but throwing it away would have been dumb, even for Shin). Not sure about giving it to Suugen, it’s more of a cavalry sabre, and Suugen is infantery commander, but who knows?

      – Good question, i’ve got no clue, maybe she will find a way to have another one from her village, or the one of her deceased sister?

      – I don’t know about you guys, but i’ve been disappointed with this whole “archers brother” thing. they have been shown as so much overpowered, know i’m wondering what the hell are they doing each day of battle? They have been in the spotlights with the fight against Kinmou, but i find them a loophole in the Hi Shin unit story. not the kind of deus ex machina i was hoping, nor the beggining of a real force of archers for the unit. I hope it gets developped later.

      – I guess Shin will be more Duke Hyou style (we miss you, Duke… RIP), knowing that Ten will be doing the strategy, Shin, leading the Hi Hyou, will probably still be use as the main offense of the army. but that doesn’t mean he won’t stay somedays in the HQ, waiting for events to unfold.

      – Bihei is a 30-man squad leader (didn’t know this rank exist until he was called that in the story), maybe he will go to 50 or 100? who knows?
      And he’s not kinda lame, he is lame 😀 the classic comic relief of the story.

      – I hope for another Shin upgrade as the one where he start using a glaive, seeing him charging with Ouki’s glaive in one hand and the shield in the other, wreaking havoc.

      That is plausible, even if Moubu is still guarding the border. but i would wager a move from Wei, since Tou stop is offensive there and head for Retsubi (and Gohoumei must want to avenge his previous defeat).

      -Nah, i don’t think Ouhon will be pissed by the fact that Shin took command of the right wing when he was in a coma. And since it’s pretty sure both of them and Mouten will be promote to generals, we can expect just their usual ranting against each other.

      -Dude! spoiler!

      – Mouki likes this.

      • Tyr

        Ha, sorry abt the spoiler… i haven’t even confirmed that by reading the history, it could be a nasty rumor, for all I know!

        Re archer bros, I’m ok with them being “10 bows” good, but maybe they are a tad beyond that, lol. Li Shin army will need an archer corps, so, they better learn how to train

        Re: Wei… interesting. Is Gohomei or whatshisface still alive? He’ll make a move, perhaps

        Re: Mouki and Ten, their babies would be expert “go” players, if thats a thing yet

        I’ve also been wondering (crazily) if riboku’s female lieutenant joins hi shin, and brings the other guy??? If they dont make it in time to save riboku, they’ll defect for sure… and she trusts Ten.

        But the guy also hates shin, so chu is likely. But if it were me, I’d choose the army/devil I knew…

      • Posh

        My question is only 1, where is shin’s next battlefields?
        As a general and the king’s friend, he won’t get merely 10k troops. They even held a recruitment before just because of popularity. He might get 50k troops for the next campaign.

        • letouriste

          there is a ranking among generals. You can’t lead 100k troops out of blue unless your state is in really shape. A beginner general usually lead between 10 and 20k troops (show in earlier arcs).

          Being the king’s friend should not change it. Would be bad for his growth because these troops would not be used correctly to their full potential. Been a general under someone else looks logic. Tou or Moubu for example.

          • Tyr

            I think Shin will likely get posted to inner zhao, unless things heat up with wei or chu.

            He’s unproven as a general, but, ei sei already told shin, ouhon ans mouten they were special, having said “we expect more from you then many of our generals.”

            If so, they’ll want shin to gain experience and get wins, but, not on posts where a loss would be really damaging to Qin

  30. letouriste

    I forgot to comment.

    Thank you guys! really nice chapter, i waited for this kind of chapter for years now…was really a long time coming. Now for some love life please!

  31. Boruto

    Both anime and manga getting break, it’s fucking annoying

  32. 808AlohaState

    I was just talking with a friend about this… I think it’s great that Hara-san is taking a break to do actual research, take time to construct the next arc, write and plan it, and not rush it out because of publication deadlines. In other manga or anime, I tend to dislike “filler” chapters and episodes. One of the best things of Kingdom is the fact there is no “filler” or parts of the releases that is released simply to create an opportunity to sell ads, but ends up having little or nothing to do with the story.

    I’ve re-read the manga from the first issue and man… this manga rivals some of my other favorites in many other genres.

  33. Boruto

    Next chapter: Award ceremony, Shin wears his slave cloth

  34. Tyr

    Out of boredom, I just finished a “classic” manga where the final duel included an 18 chapter deviation into backstory, and ended with the combatants eating imaginary miso soup

    GodDAMN I miss kingdom

    • Jack

      didnt you just describe kingdom?

      • Tyr

        …If I was, why are you here, then?

        Lol. This is a pretty blatantly hypocritical, and frankly, dumb attempt at trolling.

        • Kinkykoala

          Isnt that baki when he fights his pops

          • Tyr

            Ya… to a degree I got it, Baki’s whole deal was using martial arts to bring people together…

            But Yujiro was a total monster, a killer above the law… and three whole manga arcs ended with a hug and imaginary soup?

            And Baki didn’t even win… the hug in the middle of the fight suggested he wasn’t even really a threat the whole time. I was pretty let down.

            His poor mother! Sob

  35. F5-Commander

    F5 Force – where you at!?

  36. Boruto

    Raw is ready, scanlation not

  37. Hikaru no go

    Korean already out

  38. sidreads

    Any updates on the Anime… When will the Hiatus come to an end…

  39. karabiner98

    I know it is not right for me to say this but can you guys just release the manga a little earlier, coz we dying out here!

  40. Boruto

    I’ll use ocr and translator instead

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