Kingdom Chapter 642

Took us 7.5 years to get to this point. hurrrrrggghhhh

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55 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 642

  1. inspiredKreatif


  2. 808AlohaState

    I’ve been re-reading the entire series from chapter one in the manga. I tried downloading the manga to have a copy around whenever I feel like it in case things get taken down.

    Does anyone have a full set of chapters for volume 1 and 2? I got the rest, but could only find one chapter from volume 1, and I think three chapters from volume 2.

    • 808AlohaState

      Thanks Turnip Farmers for all the top shape translations for such a long time. I’ve seen some others and they’re good, but you guys are the best! 🙂

    • eraz

      You can use Free Manga Downloader software with Mangahere site. Also, for some volume 1 chapters, it has three different kind of scanlation versions.

      • 808AlohaState

        Thank you!!! Been looking around for this forever. Kinda wish there was a way to get a “Turnip Farmers” version of Volumes One and Two, but I’ll settle for any version that gives me some kind of decent translation from Nihongo (isn’t it strange we have so much trouble between Chinese and Japanese languages using the same characters in meaning, but so different in pronounciation?).

  3. Rishin-MVP

    WOOOOO! FINALY! fkin ninja cutting onions, thank you Hara sensei.

  4. Docboy


    Thanks a lot for your efforts, Turnip Farmers. Will always be grateful for the efforts you guys put into your scanlations.

  5. Xozne EnzoX

    Been a long time coming!

  6. Leecher21

    Leecher here.

    I’ve been following this series since turnip pick it up.
    This is the best manga for me, i truly thanks this wonderfull team that brings us this story

    Sorry for the bad english, but i had to come out of the darkness and say thank you!

  7. Castro2man

    Shin is finally a GENERAL!!!! Damn! I started reading back in my senior year in high-school 10 years ago. To see Shin get so close to his dream made me cry like bihei.

    Thank you Turnip for always providing such great translation, thank you for the time you have put in this Manga, i wish i could do something to show my appreciation better.

  8. Jackson

    Turnip Farmers, you are an amazing team, thank you very much for all of the great translations and hard work over the years!

  9. Algarban

    Really so many years following this manga to get to general, cant get over it and had to read it a few times. Just glad to see such evolution, but I really would like to see him in new clothes… they would be too smal if they were those from the start.

  10. Zedyh

    Thank you for the excellent work. The wait was long, but well-deserved. In addition to the author, you also needed a rest. Thanks again for translating the best manga.

  11. letouriste

    face it, you’re in it for life xD
    thank you guys so much

  12. kagebunshin

    Mantap jayaaa ….

  13. Ray

    The a long waited month!! Thank you very much !! My life saver!!!

  14. Nick

    7.5 years… Hara hasn’t made your task easy hahaha

  15. Boruto

    A boy with no brain became a general, that only happened before firearms invented

  16. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  17. Ourorboros

    Yeah, your going to want to take back that Wei territory before they cut off all supply lines.

  18. thank you for your hard work for this long 7.5 years.. hope you still can translate kingdom till the end.. even after 20 years 😀

  19. Cloud

    What a journey, and to cap it off hara included a girl in a bra on the cover page…not complaining but does anyone know who or why she’s there? Seems out of olace

    • 0verlord1

      it’s the cover of the magazine where Kingdom is published, amongst other manga, each week. The girl on the cover is just here for promotion, there’s a few photos each week with a girl in underwear to appeal to the teenagers buying the magazine.

      Thank you for this long journey, Turnips!

      • Young Jump is actually a seinen magazine so it’s actually targeted at late teenagers through to men in their 30s.

        But yes, it’s also a magazine filled with pictures of gravure idols cos Japan be cool like dat.

    • Boruto

      You don’t like girls? Gay

  20. Donkey Dong

    Is Shin really ready to be a general?

    • Ourorboros

      You mean is Ten ready.
      Shin is just going to yell and swear before charging in. Ten does the planning and organizing, all the tactical work too.
      I think they’ve finally slowed down the rate of Shin’s mental decay though.

      • Tyr

        Pffft. Reread the part where hi shin fights gyou’un’s army

        And the part where gyou’un targets ouhon’s unit rather than hi shin.

        And everything with duke hyou- you’ve missed some things, mate

        To the original question, Shin is ready, but yeah, not sure he’d be ready to take on a strategist yet… mostly because he’s not yet gone all in on leading as an instinctual general from the back… as duke hyou, kesha, etc did.

        But the trend we’re seeing now, emerging, is the power of hybrid strategic/instinctual forces, and the Hi Shin army will be the strongest of those, because Shin and Ten are both badasses.

        • Ourorboros

          In all those parts Shin either targeted the obvious or fought somebody who was attacking him. That’s not exactly smart.
          He has done nothing really about distribution of forces, no tactical or even strategic planning.
          Though of course both are ready, since the story requires it.

          • Tyr

            Shin’s ability to read “action,” “place” and “time” so well is the foundation of his instinctual ability. He charges in, but, how and where he charges in, this is what matters…

            Hi shin: Ten builds strategies around Shin’s ability to find the right spot at the right time, and win it.

            When facing gyou’un, Ten could do nothing, only Shin’s personal unit was winning…

            So, while Shin will learn (eventually) how to run a full instinctual- style campaign, why would he rush? The method they have now is strong a f.

  21. Xerror

    Wow finally! Thank you for translating for so long! And thank you Hara for bringing the story to this point! When will he get some decent clothes though..

  22. gegege

    Masi panjang perjalananmu nak. untuk jadi The Great General of Heaven. akan memakan waktu yang sama untuk jadi General. we need 7 years more guys.

  23. tornadox-french

    thanks a lot guys !

  24. Udin

    Thankyou Turnipfarmer group, for your continiously great work.
    stay healthy, and may u all have awesome days ahead

  25. Nezzard

    Really happy 😀 finally he is a General, thanks a lot for your hark work

  26. Vodkalemon

    Finally ! It was about time !
    I would love to see Shin win a major battle by actually leading his men though. I know he has Karyo Ten to act as the strategist, but now that he finally is a general, he’s gonna have to stop being so oblivious to it all the time.
    The Coalition army arc at Kankoku pass had my hopes on the rise with him showing off his instinctual skills to the point even Duke Hyou (Duuuuuuke !! T_T) praised him for it, but he achieved absolutely nothing in this regard ever since…
    I hope he does soon.

    Anyways, thanks for the chapter and keep up the good work !

  27. Joze

    Did Shin get anything for slaying Keisha-sama?

    • Bubblesdied

      The achievement was negated by Shin getting in a fight with his commander, Kanki, due to Kanki’s tactics

  28. Renseo

    I was in 5th grade then when duke hyou first appear, and wonder what the hell this violent comic my brother reading

  29. eraz

    I am so proud for shin as if he is my son. both he and Hi Shin unit deserved this. Also, i hope we will see award ceremony of Kyou Kai.

  30. X

    was that 7.5 years serious? LOL!

  31. JK

    I remember when Shin still a slave playing together with Hyou all the time, So its been 7.5 years, huh? how time flies so fast, now he become General, i am so proud of you Ri Shin!!

  32. Kemuel Sanchez

    Thanks for your service man. IT’s been a long journey but FINALLY!! BTW I’m kinda pissed at how the awards turned out.

  33. Zedyh

    Does anyone know of any place to download or watch Kingdom’s live-action movie subtitled in English?

  34. Happy Reader

    man…so proud of Shin. He’s now general of 15K troops!

  35. lie

    is already on the sense…

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