Kingdom Chapter 643

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33 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 643

  1. ddoc

    1st reply this week, thanks for the translation guys, keep up the great work.

  2. Tyr


    I’m not even done. The flow-chart on pg 5 is too exciting.

    I’ve never felt this way about a flow-chart before

    • Boruto

      what exciting about that garbage chart? Only line, box, and name. I’ve seen better chart in other mangas

      • letouriste

        Well, it’s because we never got a comprehensive explanation of how the hi shin unit/army operated. We were left to guess on the small hints spread over several arcs of who was in charge of who

      • Apichai Kalasin

        “Professionals talk logistics.” Whats more logistical than a organization hierarchy chart?

      • Reinhard von Lohengramm

        The chart fulfilled its role. That’s all that matters.

        • Tyr

          …did any one notice how the hi shin army is comprised of many “units” like the old hi shin?

          Most of their Calvary is under the command of units who also have infantry. The way that chart looks, Shin/Ten will basically have like 8 hi shin units, some dedicated infantry, and 1000 dedicated cavalry under sousi.


          • kampret

            yea but not independent like the “old shin’s”

          • Tyr

            Not independent , but modular…

            It puts more of a burden on those commanders, I assume they are up for it-

            It also allows Shin to roam the battlefield, and he and Ten to be able to swap out command of individual units of infantry and horsemen

          • kampret

            yeah i was wondering why shin didnt have any guards around him. yet ten got like a hundred.

      • @Boruto – your only joy in life is to troll these threads. How sad and pathetic an empty life you live. Have you contemplated suicide?

  3. Ourorboros

    Seriously, take care of that Wei salient. Riboku should notice it.

  4. letouriste

    thank you guys!
    For a second i thought Mouten second was named Aizen xD

    btw page 12 has a slight mistake: the northen city is both named Wuan and Buan in japanese

  5. Asg

    Thanks for the chapter, Oshit + SenseScans

    Hope to see the pedo king get killed in the next few episodes.

  6. gegege

    its feels like riboku will get support from Ousen to shake Zhao. or from another kingdom?

    • Symroy

      Well, Kaku Kai is being paid by Ousen, so I doubt that

      • gegege

        Im sorry I didnt remember when he being paid? which chapter?

        • letouriste

          Actually, we know the guy knew well Ryofui back when he was still in power (i think we see him around the arc where Seikou get killed). I don’t think a link to Ousen has ever been mentioned.
          We know the name of one spy working in Zhao court (start of Seikou death arc) who is relatively close of Kakukai and could have convinced the guy to turn coat for Qin but it’s only a guess.
          The guy could just do it for getting rid of a rival in court

          • gegege

            ah. yes. i think its kakukai get some wealth because he befriend with merchant Ryofui, and climbing up his position into someone who had big influences and close to zhao king. yes. maybe he has something with Qin or Qins nobles like Ousen. but thats just a guess.

  7. Ishadorman

    Nothing more satisfying than to see enemy fight by themselves. When i see zhao soldiers down in droves makes it more exciting. If only there is another changping in this manga, i think i will toast by myself that night.

  8. kampret

    i somehow hoped riboku and his entourages survive (won againts zhou king). kinda feel pity for him..

  9. Anjrit

    The Zhou king is dead!

  10. Jackson

    Thank you!

  11. 808AlohaState

    Because of the delay in raw releases due to COVID-19 (I’m actually happy for that, Hara-san could take a break and also take his time on this next and ensuing arcs, at least I hope so), I’m on my second round of reading through the manga from the start.

    Is there anyone else that wishes the anime covered a few of the manga arcs that were left out (the first assassination arc after the initial rebellion especially, because it made more sense as to why Shi Shi is still a significant figure in the manga now, and also how the connection between the three key figures in the Hi Shin unit is far more complicated but also understandable in where things are now)?

    Just wondering… or am I the only one who wishes for that? (I’m currently on chapter 102 in case anyone is gonna go back and read all the stuff to see what I’m referring to.)

  12. Freeter the Neet

    its out guys, and he’s finally dead.

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