Kingdom Chapter 644

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34 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 644

  1. Reinhard von Lohengramm

    Woah.. I thought it was Ri Boku time to die.. guess I was wrong

  2. Genn Greymane

    I guess they did not like him much.

  3. Jackson

    Awesome! Thank you!

  4. Hon Bo

    Thank you so much!

  5. Ash

    Thanks for the chapter,oshit + sensescans

    At last, my wish to see the pedo king dead was granted 🙂

  6. Freeter the Neet

    so its already base on history when the king die, so its obvious now Riboku wont kick the bucket before he beat Huan Yi. Cant imagine how assasination jingke would be, knowing Kanki personality for him suggestion the tactic.

  7. Tyr

    I’d like to point out that Hara spent several panels depicting a man shitting himself upon death. Bc he’s The Greatest

    Also, does anyone have an update on the little hobo/hot soup situation? That seemed precarious

  8. eraz

    That death scene is too much graphic.

  9. tmdnldclq

    dying laughing at people not batting an eye at people reading skulls getting smashed in, and guts spilling everywhere

    but one man shits himself and everyone’s like “OOH nonono that’s TOO MUCH”

  10. Ishadorman

    Qin in next chapter like : “Abort mission, i repeat, Abort mission”

  11. Boruto

    In 228, Li Xin was made general under the supreme command of Wang Jian 王翦 during the campaign against the state of Zhao 趙. Li Xin marched from Taiyuan 太原 and liaised with Wang Jian to encircle the army of Zhao and closed a ring around the capital of Zhao, Handan 邯鄲 (today in Hebei). The campaign ended with the destruction of Zhao.

  12. Porn

    The Shiji annotated that King Daoxiang of Zhao died over worry and shock (scared to death / hysteria related panic that led to stress)
    The manga made the King’s death cause as poison related assassination (which presumably arsenic from the visible symptom; blood mixed watery diarhea, sudden organ failure and blood coughing, wrinkly skin and all…)

    Dunno which is better.

    The prince seems to be Jia, who later flees to county of Dai and established it as new state that will ally itself with Wei, Yan, Chu as four state alliance during the time when Yao Jia used his diplomatic skill. The new King will be Youmou who assume title of King Qian.

  13. Letouriste

    thank you guys!

  14. King Chun

    Idiocy is more dangerous than covid-19. Zhao king has proved it in next chapter

  15. King Chun

    Idiocy is more dangerous than covid-19. Zhao king has proved it in next chapter

  16. 5000-Man-Commander

    F5 !!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Tyr

    Maybe if I sing a kingdom song, the chapter will magically post?

    *ahem* There is a house in ooold china
    They call it the peach spring…
    Its full of abused children and a twisted, murdered king…

  18. chapter is up at sensescans for whoever can’t wait

  19. Freeter the Neet

    lion dies and you get an alligator

  20. Hikaru no go

    oh poor Zhao.

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