Kingdom Chapter 645

Kingdom, now in higher resolution…

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23 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 645

  1. Ash

    Thanks for the cha[pter

  2. Tyr

    … maybe Tou’s proper name is T Ou?

    Mr. T could be his descendant

  3. Jackson

    Woohoo! Thank you very much!

  4. Njuruken

    Gaku ka army, hi shin unit, sou ou army, ousen army, denrimi army, gyouka army, akou army
    With general as a leader
    But why only hi shin, as a unit not as an army??

    • No idea. It still reads as Unit. We’re not sure if Hara intentionally wrote it as that or just did it accidentally out of habit.

      • Letouriste

        thank you:) i was wondering…

        • Tyr

          It could be just that Hara didn’t feel like changing the name…

          But, story reasons why this might be(basically guesses)

          1. Ouki named the unit, and Shin is surprisingly sentimental
          2. The Hi Shin Unit, kind of like Kyoukai unit, is an entity of the Li Shin army, but, a complete one… if the army takes on more soldiers, the additional troops will not be folded in to Hi Shin, but the Li shin…

          • Tyr

            And lastly, shin shows respect to slain, dead enemies. Changing the name would disrespect everyone who died right after shouting: “Its the Hi Shin unit!”

  5. Donkey Dong

    Futa Palace?

  6. F5 FootSoldjah

    Also, anyone notice how Ka’s left ear magically reattached?? 😂😂

  7. Marsius

    You know, when this Prince Ka appeared, he remainded me of Ei Sei, which was further enhanced by his action. But where Ei Sei actively fought for the throne, it seems that this Prince Ka just accepted that “last will”.

  8. Saranz

    Can any history buffs confirm wether the events in this chapter really took place? I thought the king was alive further into the war and had Riboku executed?

    • Freeter the Neet

      according to history the king indeed die in 236, but cause of death was said to be panic, as he die when zhao was currently being attack. his successor was also not the first prince, and it was a deprave second son.
      BTW prince ka age is 14, and his younger brother is only 9 in the year of 236 BC.

  9. kampret

    i think it will turn out to something like this:
    we know Kaine will do anything to save riboku, she sees no other option that she chose to ask for help from her frienemy, karyo ten. ten then send the hi shin army (unit) to liberate riboku and then bargain with prince ka. something like bring / restore order to zhou at the price of submitting to Qin.

  10. inspiredKreatif

    thanks for your great work as always Turnips.. cheers

  11. Tyr

    I wonder if senscans ever pulls up their “site visits: wednesday” Hit counts to marvel at our desperation As we…


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