Kingdom Chapter 646

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  1. Jackson


  2. Aster

    Poor Riboku! He failed to counter the lunacy that was the dead king of Zhao and his youngest son. If he can only join Qin or better the Hi Shin unit and get his revenge…

  3. Oresama

    Wow, to think Riboku had to go through these horrible things before his death. I pity the man.
    Thanks for your hard work as always turnip and sense boys.

  4. 0verlord1

    I will honestly say that i find Riboku to be one of the best adversary character i’ve found in a manga. I still remember how i called him a bastard for killing Ouki, so many years ago, and he’s still an interesting character today. He is shown as a human in the last war and here, capable of failure, after having been such a tough opponent. I think this is great.
    Thanks Turnips!

    • Ourorboros

      Originally, Riboku was supposed to be the hero and protagonist of Kingdom.
      I think it still shows in the writing. He might be the best developed character.
      Usually, when somebody is this well developed they last longer. Riboku smells like a final boss. And I doubt Shin loses the chance to beat Riboku to become a Great General.
      Maybe, like Ren Pa, Riboku runs to another state. Or goes east with Prince Ka and founds the Kingdom of Dai.


    I say this again.
    Kaine will ask karyo ten for help, seeing no other options. Hi shin unit then together with ousen’s army march against kantan n take down the throne. In the end they bargain with crown prince ka to still govern kantan at the price of submitting to Qin.

    • Djancok

      hemm. that make sense. but I think the possible ways is to make Zhao become vassals for Qin. Considering Sei goals to unification China.

      • Bajingan

        And someone won’t like that. They sabotage the alliance and make Shin destroy the prince

        • Tyr

          I think Riboku will die with or because of loyalty to Ka.

          Every war he’s fought has been to serve zhao, in the hopes Ka would take the throne.

          If that doesn’t happen, he’s failed in life… an honorable guy like that, he won’t want to live by giving up on zhao and running…

          …and that, btw, is why he’s a great antagonist… he’s a good man.

        • kampret

          wkwkwk ga usa sok bule lo pada, tiang jemuran

  6. juice

    Been preeeeetty rough for ole boy since he lost his cheat code Houken. lol

  7. Djancok

    Great chapter. finally Riboku feels tired. And my question is what happened with the armies of Kantan that were sent to assist KouChou?
    And we forgot about the Tiger at Yan’s border, Shibashou. Maybe Riboku seek him for help?

  8. Turnip stalker

    But idk. maybe Hara-sama create a different plot.

    Sima Shang 司馬尚 was a general of the state of Zhao 趙 during the very late Warring States period 戰國 (5th cent.-221 BCE). In 229 he and Li Mu 李牧 took over the defence of the capital of Zhao, Handan 邯鄲 (today in Hebei) against the mighty army of Qin. Yet the Qin commander, Wang Jian 王翦, bribed Guo Kai 郭開, a minion of the king of Zhao. Guo slandered the two generals by accusing them of planning a rebellion. Li Mu was executed, and Sima Shang dismissed. Instead of these two, the unexperienced officers Zhao Cong 趙蔥 and Yan Ju 顏聚 were entrusted with the defence command, and shortly later, Handan fell, and the state of Zhao was extinguished.

    • Tyr

      As much as I dislike reading these, this one sucked me in… (thanks for the spoiler alert, btw!!)

      What’s in the Ur post and what’s happening are not that dissimilar. Your quote assumed the fight over zhao’s throne was instigated and funded by Qin, that’s the main difference….

      But, imagine the plot so-far from Chu’s perspective. Making the assumption that Qin paid off the corrupt official to throw zhao into chaos as they closed in on kantan, this is a logical conclusion. Usually, however, difficult to prove.

  9. Smaug

    Riboku is such a well developed character and antagonist. I would be really sad, if he met the same fate as his historical equivalent 😦

  10. QA

    who is ganmon here? anyone know?

  11. Press F for respect

    And then they fucked …

  12. Suiyan

    I always liked riboku as a character. I’m really looking forward to see the next few chapters.


    i feel like we’re going to face a three to four chapters about the history of riboku and prince ka..

  14. Goblok

    Skip to when kanki desert Qin

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