Kingdom Chapter 647

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18 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 647

  1. Ash

    First 🙂
    Thanks for the chapter, Oshit + Sensescans

    Didn’t expect to see Ryofui. Hate to see his ugly and smug face.

    • Ourorboros

      They need a reason to keep Zhao from being crushed right away. He was always left alive to be a complication.
      I mean the ministers wanted to execute Sei’s mother.

      • Tyr

        “Shiji records,” you big cynic. Fate, not plot

        I am surprised they kept ryoufui alive…

        It could only have been because, politically, killing him was more costly.

        • Ourorboros

          And history said that after the Zhao lost 400K men at Changping they were never an offensive factor. Yet here we have the entire Kingdom manga where they are.
          Also Han and Wei are captured before the Zhao lose half their territory.

          • Tyr

            At what point was zhao a legit offensive factor? As in: initiated a war, went on the offensive, and, scored a victory/took lands?

            … if anything, what I learned by looking into this farther was: riboku retreated after defeating ouki in part bc he didnt have a choice. Seven warring kingdoms existing in a fine balance, the guys in the middle mustn’t overextend

          • letouriste

            well, Zhao still have more than half their territory right now…
            and they seem to be holding on to that

          • Tyr

            They are failing to hold their own ground, let alone take anyone else’s. That’s kind of the opposite

          • letouriste

            what i meant is the event you’re talking about will happen soon. Zao still has half his territory but not for too long so everything needing to happen before, will happen.

          • Tyr

            Ah, understood

            I have no idea what happens next in the story, but, can’t wait! There will be at least one other kingdom involved for sure, Hara teased it…

  2. Jackson

    Thank you very much!

  3. Caligula

    Hell yes, Ryofui is one of the most interesting characters in the manga.

  4. letouriste

    a really cute kaine, ryofui coming back (probably not for long tho) and plot progression. good chapter overall:)
    thank you very much!

  5. contendmountain

    I may be alone on this but I fee like Ryofui is one of the most annoying characters in the manga.

  6. Marsius

    I think that if Qin was unable to finish off Zhao in one fell swoop, it better leave it alone and focus its efforts elsewhere. Zhao right now is not a deterrent to Qin activities, so Qin can leave minimum needed defences and use the moment to attack another state.

  7. Freeter the Neet

    Funny how Kaine being a cutey girl, despite she herself should be atleast 45++ years old. She already accompany Riboku against Xiongnu in 265 bc, and its already 235 bc.


    Fu** damn Ryofui confessed he’s sei father then commit suicide

  9. Tyr

    Its “kingdom’s maybe out day(not)”

    So, I’m gonna point out how awesome kingdom is by breaking down mouten’s singular move/Half beat riposte

    In their heads, swordfighters see circular paths, around which their upper bodies move to create strikes and blocks

    If u imagine it perpendicular to the ground, at the top and bottom of the circle, the sword tip has almost no momentum and the swordsperson is choosing their next move, As the circular movement continues to the next strike or block- at the leftmost or rightmost part of the circle

    Which is the left or right most if their body.

    Moten’s move- he connects with a block (right side of circle, 90 degrees from apex) but, Instead of waiting until 180 degrees/ sword tip slows to make next move, at 135 degrees instead of 180) he cocks his arm like he’a throwing a right cross, propelling the blade forward, then bends his body so it flicks sideways, or upwards.

    Its half a beat faster than the opponent expects or can respond to

    He used it on a chu swordsman, who barely avoided the neck cut being fatal

    He used it on bananji, but, bc bananji has a glaive, the range was limited so he had to settle for taking an eye. (The Side-slash version has less range )

    …am i full of shit? U make the call! Lol

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