Kingdom Chapter 648

Kingdom is on break until the 6th of August.

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36 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 648

  1. 1st army


  2. DOverKeen

    Thanks for the chapter! =o)

  3. contendmountain


  4. Jackson

    Gentlemen, thank you very much. You’re the best!

  5. letouriste

    thank you:)

  6. sanga lawalata

    At the very last page and conversation. She calls him “my dear”. Who is she?? MotherQueen?

    Thank you for good work..

    • letouriste

      one of the women always around ryufui in the past. remember that time he plot with Rishi while playing around with a girl? i think it was in the middle of his coup. Happen several times before that, he tended to be surounded by girls when he was at his home

    • Marsius

      To add to previous answer, you misread it a bit. It wasn`t she, who called him “my dear”, but he who called them “my dears”, it also indicates that there was more than one woman with him. In fact those two speech balloons in the middle of last panel belonged to different women.

  7. PamPam Lagria

    Thank you as always!

  8. just another follower

    Anyway know if the break is related to health reasons at all? Or if it was planned?

    • letouriste

      He need time for the next arc. We are probably starting a new campaign.
      That’s when the author is the most busy

      • Malpheus

        Its related to several holidays, not sickness or planning related. Weird how people guess/lie. Absent is the whole jump magazine.

        Weekly Young Jump Release Schedule
        Issue #33•34: July 16th –> Chapter 648
        Magazine Break due to Marine Day
        Issue #35: July 30th –> Absent
        Issue #36•37: Aug 06th –> Chapter 649
        Magazine Break due to Obon Festival
        Issue #38: Aug 20th –> Chapter 650 (TBD)

  9. Tyr

    Ryoufui has a point… and I wonder if he’s hinting where the story goes? Everyone keeps saying how much it’ll cost, personally, for Sei and the generals to unite the kingdom…

    Zhao’s so in tatters, if you think about it, in a way, this is the easy part…

    (What happens when they hit Badass generals backed by a competent state? Shin needs to power up fast)

    • letouriste

      the thing is…not many states can do it.
      Chu royal family is super fragil and stand on a lie.
      Wei and Han are severely weakened and can’t hold against Qin number without help from other states for long
      Qi don’t want to fight it out and by the time Qin reach them, they would already control a big part of china anyway (and so can rise many large armys of conscripts)

      Only Yan seems to match your criterias perfectly.
      Chu could do it if the people at the top don’t get poisoned and the secret stay hidden

      • Tyr

        All good points, made me think (thanks, lol)

        First, a counter-point: Shin alone has taken a huge chunk out of the ranks of Zhao’s general. We focus so much on riboku being strong, it can get lost just how many zhao brass has died so far. I think they’ve lost like 6 -8

        Qin only has so many generals… to Ryofui’s point, they wont just be able to conquer someone and leave. Pacifying/subjugation armies will be needed.

        My point is, the more states they take, the thinner they’ll be stretched…

        But ya, only Chu and Yan are scary. Chu had a lot of talent and a lot of soldiers…

  10. Nima

    Am I the only one who thinks Ei Sei’s psychology is kinda fractured? I mean “People are light” doesn’t really go well with the elitist Legalism

  11. Ki_Mumet

    What is three state going to war?

  12. Genn Greymane

    So the next chapter comes at the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima? I hope Hara does not drop a bomb on us.

  13. Jebs_met

    Just a nice father and son moment

  14. Tyr

    *weeps uncontrollably*

  15. tearsax

    Didnt the author take an one-month break not that long ago? Now a three-weeks one? Mmmm…

  16. Hon Bo

    Breaking news: The reason for the Kingdom delay

    • Tyr

      You joke, but only the greatest merchants in history were able to master the extremely difficult art of beard calligraphy

  17. Tyr

    This break is boring, so i’m gonna start an argument lol

    In defense of Shin (not being a TOTAL idiot):

    First, an aside, his importance: kyoukai was their first strategist, she left, Ten (eventually) replaced her. If Ten died or left, Shin would be bummed, Mouki or another strategist would replace her, and everything would continue on

    If Shin dies, the unit ceases all function.

    Therefor, he is truly the leader, no question.

    Also, he was a slave… no education. He was a total blank slate when he went into the army. Everything he knows, he learned on the field.

    He was always given one task: kill a general… and he always did it. His methods tended to be straightforward, but, given he’s up against educated nobles, that is playing to his strenghts.

    It may not be a “chess player/big picture” type of smarts, But becoming an elite martial artist takes a lot of intelligence, of a type. To self-teach as a child, and become elite, thats almost genius. The evolved form of that type of intellegence is “instinctual general.”

    • Bajingan

      It’s a miracle how Shin not losing any limbs despite how he fight

      • Tyr

        It totally is a miracle. But not as unbelievable a miracle as it would seem…

        If you throw a dart at a dartboard blindfolded, you probably wont hit the bullseye. But if you throw a million darts, one of them is bound to hit the bullseye.

        Low probability events become certainty with enough repititon.

        Given we’re in manga land rules, a life like shin’s is extremely improbable. But, there’ve been hundreds of years of war, millions of soldiers.

        Ouki said it himself… it takes the skill of a thousand, the luck of a thousand, the Willpower of a thousand. Any one soldier becoming a general is an extremely low probability event in and of itself… a road consisting of improbably thriving in the harshest of environments

    • Holly

      that’s put very well.

      • Tyr

        Thanks! This break has given me time to realize, once again, hara was 20
        Steps ahead of us all lol

        Ouki on shin: “those blockhead type guys never survive.”

        Tou: but if he does, he could become the most awesomest

        Ouki: nfu fu fu, it’ll never happen

        But, now shin has his glaive. Ouki, in the end, changed his mind, therefore… why?

        1. Stateless area training: there’s no reason to think ouki expected that to work. It was a win win for him. It got rid of the annoying kid, and, if the annoying kid actually managed to pull it off, a region of unrest would be made peaceful, that ouki would have had to deal with

        Two: successful mission,

        And three, getting trashed by houken, watching half his unit die… and not waivering at all.

        Really, i think it was the third one that impressed ouki.

  18. Algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  19. infamous kingdom break

    6th august

  20. Freeter the Neet

    means you gotta wait another week

  21. Jozze

    That’s today! :O

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