Kingdom Chapter 649

Another break due to Obon

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36 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 649

  1. tearsax

    So basically the author took another 1-month break one month after he returned from his 1-month break. is that it?

    • Hara doesn’t control when the entire magazine doesn’t get published due to nation wide public holidays.

      Covid-19 changed the date of some holidays resulting in the previous break. Obon is being held as normal as per the wiki article linked and AFAIK Young Jump (the entire magazine Kingdom is published in) has never been published during either Obon or Golden Week.

      You all wouldn’t constantly complain about this if magazines took breaks over Christmas or Easter. The entire world doesn’t exactly always observe Christian holidays or hold Christianity as a majority religion.

      • Thank you oshit for the response and for helping educate your readers. I feel that so many people feel entitled to these works that they aren’t purchasing and supporting the authors for, and ti’s really sad.

        • Tyr

          Shikata ga nai, fools! Suck it up!

          that said, i’ll be in tears next week. But manly, stoic tears

          Oshit, gongitraped, etc, and hara- thanks as always!

          Also- Moubu’s gonna be back in action!! Woo hoo…will he be able to maintain “the strongest in china” after shin vs houken? Stay tuned!

        • Malpheus

          You be like, on o shit’s nuts, a bit.

          So much stupid. Your thanks separate you from them?

          • Tyr

            Nah, i’m somewhat hard to find to be honest. Social media’s not really my thing. This is abt my only online posting or talking bc I’m a weirdo

      • Malpheus

        Thanks for the translation.

        I’m not sure the extra words of disdain are necessary to the dude assuming it was the mangaka, if anything westerners are used to their magazines on holidays. That being said, westerners are not used to weekly publications, mostly, so there is that. They eat different food too, for breakfast even.

        Manga scan readers are like Pavlov’s dog and get cranky when that food isn’t there after the bell (its a thing, and how Pavlov died). Try not to group them into anything else other than greedy, needy folk hungry for the product you steal but don’t profit from, respectfully.

        Thanks for the translation.

        • Cloud

          Don’t forget short term memory. There’s always some obnoxious comment towards Hara etc whenever there’s a break due to a Japanese holiday not like it happens multiple times a year or anything…

      • Mitsu

        I think it’s also important to point out that a lot of manga authors work very hard to create what they create. It’s a pretty cut-throat business that requires a whole lot of time and energy. I’m usually pretty glad to see my favorite authors get some time to rest or work at a more reasonable pace on their creations. I want to read the best Kingdom possible.

        I’ve been reading this manga for like years now, however long it has been translated here. That’s so much quality, free entertainment that it’s honestly bonkers. If I have to wait a while between releases, then that’s fine by me. I read American comics too, and most of that only comes out ONCE A MONTH. On a normal schedule we get new Kingdom on a weekly basis.

    • 808AlohaState

      I know we all expect things to be on time or on schedule, but there are times that, if we want quality, we need to wait a little bit so some rest and research can be done by the people providing a solid story and depiction of history. It’s all good if it’s done right. 🙂

  2. letouriste

    thank you!

  3. I like burgers

    Thank you guys for your continued efforts!

  4. Jackson

    Thank you very much and blessings on your ancestors, turnip farmers!

  5. Algarban

    Thanks for the chapter and the heads up!! lets see other battles now! and plz let shin get a little more general-like and inteligent…

  6. Freeter the Neet

    hopefully with qin and wei attacking chu, Kouen will finally make his appearence.

  7. Tyr

    Shouheikun is totally the man, btw… this strategy is (historic, definately) and totally badass

    Reading the chapter, I’d tried to guess what qin could offer wei… “land of strategic importance” was as far as i got, but it never occurred to me to offer someone else’s lol

    Its sooo smart. Chu is stronger than wei, so ultimately, this serves a long term goal of weakening chu as well. The only downside is, now qin essentially will have to take the same castle twice.

    But, qin engineers will have time to install a backdoor… will they be able to outsmart the wei engineers, who will be hunting for backdoors later?

  8. Ki_Mumet

    Shouheikun is cool man…after wei have junko city, they must defend that city from chu ( want that city back to his state ), and qin can enjoy to destroy zhao

  9. John

    when is the next issue?

  10. Tyr

    Fun fact- during her dance, kyoukai freely switched between standard and reverse sword grips. Which, in and of itself, would make her moves impossible to read, if she does it enough. (You can tell by where her thumb is relative to the blade)

    Break almost over!

  11. Apichai Kalasin

    When Gohoumei says “I heard rumors of an alliance proposed by Qin” what really that is showing is that he even has spies in the Wei court and possibly Qin too. He had the information of what will be discussed at the front lines away from the capital before the meeting started.

    This kind of information network does fit his character as his the strategic type but really shows the difference between Gohoumei and our boy Shin who is nowhere near building an information network.

  12. Tyr

    Another boredom inspired long post:

    Ever played “shotgun duel” in a first person shooter?

    This is like fights with bladed weapons.

    The speed of a blade tip is so high, if you’re not (metaphorically) moving backwards when your opponent fire it, it’ll kill you. But the same is true for him…

    In reality, duels were never long. A few blows max.

    In a shotgun duel, you win by creating an engagement in which you have the advantage.

    Reading your opponent… reacting to, or, forcing them to react…

    Its a completely different “data set” than a sniper, who needs to know the map, angles of fire, air conditions, etc.

    Strategist=snuper. Instinctual/martial types=shotgun duellers

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