Kingdom Chapter 650

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38 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 650

  1. sidreads

    Thank you!!!

  2. Ash

    Thanks for the chapter,oshit + sensescans

  3. Plumsbum

    Long live the TurnipFarmers!

  4. Tyr

    Looks like old man Bu’s going to prove he’s the greatest general under the heavens, or die trying

    Thanks turns and ips!

  5. Jackson

    Thank you very much, you’re the best!

  6. Cloud

    Longest speech bubbles in a long time. Thanks team

  7. inspiredKreatif

    thanks for the great work Turnips.. cheers!

  8. part time horse

    Ah. yes.. finally. i got my drugs.. yes.. ahhhh

  9. Karabiner

    “He just doesn’t get it?” Dude do you understand that you are facing Strongest man in all of China, Great General of Qin, MouBu.
    About to see some serious bum-kicking.

  10. Nyxs

    Every time Hara mention new characters, he will show how strong they are, the expression of not showing surprise when Mobu butcher their army, the calm, and the eyes looking down enemy like everything under their grasp.
    well it might be the trait of all manga.

    • 0verlord1

      I admit, there is a fragrance of death flag for Moubu in this chapter. I’m waiting for the wei move here, Moubu’s death by being a bit late would be a nice bonus for them…

  11. Too fucking late damn oslow

  12. man something

    Danke schön!

  13. Hon Bo

    Oh I love where kingdom is going! Hail the almighty turnip!

  14. letouriste

    thank you:)

  15. Malpheus

    Spoilers out on discord for next chapter, french version and english crap version likely out monday. Looks like, as expected Tou shows up with some mini Wei generals. Kind of expected. Also some exposition on the Chu generals being powerful with the normal burst of kapow.

  16. Hyuu

    Anyone getting parallels of Ouki giving Shin “lessons” about being a Great General in the final panels?

    • Tyr

      Yes… whatever view Moubu sees clearly does not include the possibility of him losing, lol

      I think Hara did the call-back to subtly state that Moubu has evolved to be “six great general” good, and is about to prove it.

      Tou’s no slouch either

  17. Tyr

    Another random Boredom comment
    Reading Sui’s tower of god now

    Like bam’s flow, tower of god is a mash up of stuff sui loves, with its own spin

    Theres a pokeball guy, A daft punk concert, there are two killuas…

    And there’s a houken.

    Excuse me, a “hoaqin” Lol

    Sui hearts kingdom

    • Malpheus

      Not alike. At all. I’ve read every chapter of both, making comparisons is thin af.


      • Tyr

        Ha! I refuse.

        One is a bushin/god of martial arts with a bladed weapon
        One is a god with a bladed weapon

        Did he import houken exactly? No. But if you’re paying attention, Tower of God is full of references. Half the fun is catching them all.

        Someone for example pointed out that if you rearrange the names of the rulers of the floor of death, you get “hades”

        YOU might say: “hades is one person, there were two of them. Stop.” Lol.

        But, going through life assuming things must be linear, well, wheres the fun in that? SUI definately has a record of wordplay with names, given “hades,” so, the fact that Bam has a reoccurring enemy who follows around his arch enemy, despite having his own agenda, well… *shrug*

        • Malpheus

          I’m sorry, who is the Houken analogy to in ToG? Bam and Shin have nothing in common. Shin is a servant rising to the top, Bam very may well be a demon, (you would have to be a big fan to follow), born from royalty… and he inherits power after power that you know make him fly and stuff.

          The only thing they have in common is they are weekly and enjoyable. Sui, who authors the manwha shames mangaka with his work ethic (like 100 panels a week), you know hiatus not withstanding.

          • Tyr

            I dont think you get how references work

          • Tyr

            Just because i cant get the thought out, here’s how referenced work:

            In one section, rachel takes on the alias “icarus”

            Icarus longed to see the sun, rachel, the stars (the sun is a star)

            Icarus was given wings by his father that were a great power/lead to his eventual death when he climbed too high.

            Rachel was given what looks like a stingray (fish with wings) by some currently unkown helper (pls do not ruin this for me if u know)

            So the question that is now stuck in my head, bc im wondering if SUI was pointing a huge invisible arrow;

            Who are rachel’s parents? We are assuming she’s just some rando. But, everything she’s ever done makes way more sense if we’re wrong.

          • Tyr

            In fact, now that i think abt it? She HAS to be someone’s kid.

            She is not considered an irregular.

          • Malpheus

            Correlating Rachel to Icarus is not appropriate. Icarus was ambitious, but no where in the story of Icarus was he trying to go higher because he was afraid of the dark. Rachel is afraid of the dark.

            There are plenty of references in that Manwha without the forced ones.

            If you’re actually aware if Sui, ToG operates in a larger universe. None of this is related to the historical warring states period heavily referenced in Kingdom.

            One might even say that Siu has more in common with Kubo Tite than Hara. When he hits writers block, he creates characters. This isn’t a reflection of something that formed reading kingdom, which is what I was initially referencing.

            No one knows anything about Rachel, but speculation is that she may actually have every reason to fear/hate Bam. Some have said that she was witness to Bam being resurrected and knows of what keeps him going.

            You specifically would really enjoy the discord server.

          • Tyr

            Lol SUI made that correlation, not I

            I give up. Maybe look up a little thing thats been happening since 1950 called “postmodernism”

          • Tyr

            Maybe i’ll check out discord some day, but, correction:

            We know something about rachel. We know she came from where bam was, aka, not in the tower.

            We know that the door opened for her, unlike bam.

            Therefore, we know that despite being from “outside the tower,” the tower recognized her as one of its own.

            Thats kind of a big deal… and the icarus reference made me realize it.

            Ok enough ToG

            This place is for kingdom! F5!

  18. Boruto


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