A pair of asshats with too much free time and an unhealthy fixation with Japanese media, video games and KFC; scanlating Kingdom since 2013 and preparing to waste away their lives playing upcoming mmorpg titles.

Sgt GONGITRAPED spent his youth in China Boys Penitentiary before being conscripted into the army to jack enemy tanks. He now enjoys reading manga, fapping and keeping pet bees.

Cpl OSHIT ate too many cheezels as a child. His bean-pole outline can often be seen huddling in the trenches clutching his lucky rabbit’s foot. Favourite hobbies include snowboarding, pilfering hotel supply carts and eating baked beans.

Previous Helpers

Acayla – Cleaner (Retired)

BlaZin – Cleaner (Retired)

Yunya – Cleaner (Retired)

Firstblood116 – Cleaner (Retired)

98 responses to “About

  1. General_Priapus

    Reading this manga with Shadow of the Collusus soundtrack. OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I cum everytiemmmm~β™₯

    • Thanks to you a lot Turnip Farmers, some years ago, u made me discover Kingdom, some time later i read it on Kingudamu (ye i am french) and now i can buy Kingdom in France! I received the 42th few days ago.

      But all of that is thanks to u ❀

  2. Fahd

    I have read alot of manga for more than 5 years ans this series is the best and your work is the best keep going for ever πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Big thanks from me in Saudi Arabia

  3. Boobs

    thanks , you guys rolling kingdoms chapters like it’s your job

  4. You guys… you! yeah you! rocksss!!!

  5. Kanki the slayer

    Truly you guys are Great Scanaltors Under The Heavens.

  6. shinigamitrash

    Why is it that Kingdom manga is so awesome?

  7. BTY

    One of my top scantalators… Thank you for translating for us… Love you all πŸ˜€

  8. Kurap

    you guys are the great general of translator under the heaven πŸ˜€

  9. timmychoi

    Thank you so much for your hard work, guys. I’ve been reading a lot of manga for the past 10 years, but Kingdom is slowly becoming my favorite. I think you guys are the best scanlation group around (not just because of your choice of manga).

  10. Chris

    I appreciate you asshats keep up the amazing work

  11. TopengKosong

    Thank you for bringing Kingdom into my life! You’re the best!

  12. Siggi

    the raw at manga bird is of better quality then senmanga just wanit to inform you

  13. hinds

    if u happen to run out of kingdom raws plz scan ryuuroden even if it a single chapter

  14. Aaron

    Don’t normally comment but had to say a quick thanks guys.. Scans are coming quick and the work is great.. Again big thanks for the good work.

  15. fuckergorund

    fuck u turnip farmers scan

  16. DavaoD01

    Thank you very much for translating Kingdom!
    its the best manga right now for me and you guys are doing great at translating it!!
    thank you very very much bro’s!

  17. Siggi

    Mangajoy just started relesing 363 -364 http://mangajoy.com/Kingdom/

  18. Gus

    you guys are awesome thanks for all the hard work

  19. Meii Lee

    Just dropping by to say I love u guys and I would have ur babies someday

    Greetings from the Philippines~ ;D

  20. evan

    Hey guys, just want to let you know good job on the manga so far. I appreciate the hard work and time you people put into this.

  21. chan

    you guys are awesome, keep the good job and dont let get yourself crushed!

  22. adivisory

    can you guys please do Angel Voice next? (soccer)

  23. Mugu

    I want to retranslate Kingdom in russian, but im quite useless in redrawing and cleaning. So I wonder if you still have redrawnchapters?
    Pls contact me via email (vitalypoch@gmail.com) or skype (vadzaaaaa).

    P.S. sorry for mistakes 😦

  24. Blaccstar

    Have your thought about doing another manga… If u can PLEASE do battle through the heaven. I like your work.

  25. Fahrenheit451

    Thanks a lot for sticking with the manga!

  26. Ivan Calingasan

    Hi, My name is Ivan, I’m 17 years old and gonna be 18 next year. I am a fan of the Kingdom and I also draw manga. If you want, I could send you one of my drawings. I just want to ask is there a job position available in your company/group and does he/she need to have experience. Also, what are the requirements that you for a person to have. and um one last thing is if its possible for a person to have a job in your company/group, where should that person report to. πŸ™‚

  27. cryptongr

    I started reading this manga 5 days ago, since a friend of mine told me there is an epic manga to read now that I have finished with other stories. So here I am today just now finished reading Kingdom’s 415 episode you translated. Excellent work translating this manga, and huge thank you after a 5 days non-stop reading of it.

  28. Sir Kron WIndsor

    Thank you for your hard work. We, the readers from Brazil really love your work! KINGDOM FTW.

  29. virtussuxx

    keep up the good work

  30. xLan

    So grateful for this one reliable scanlation group, scanlating this one epic manga! Thank you guys!!!

  31. Please do not post this page as we don’t read comments here. You might only get an answer after a couple years.

  32. GDS

    Check the time zone

  33. Gytis

    Serious the Kingdom is in the best 10 and doesn’tmatter the line up, big shout to you guys thank you for the translations!!!

  34. KUMA

    Hi I want to Join you

  35. Thanks to you a lot Turnip Farmers, some years ago, u made me discover Kingdom, some time later i read it on Kingudamu (ye i am french) and now i can buy Kingdom in France! I received the 42th few days ago.

    But all of that is thanks to u ❀

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