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Kingdom Chapter 447

HQ version should be out on weekend sometime in between Magic: the Gathering prereleases…?

edit: HQ released: Changes:

  • p180 Don’t get complacent, Gakuei -> Things are looking good, Gakuei
  • p176 …shoving stakes through peoples eyes and mouths… -> those nutjobs get off on impaling people on stakes while they’re still alive.
  • Minor edits

Chapter 447: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Raws and Kingdom Chapter 446

Hi all, just an announcement about how we’re going to go about releasing Kingdom chapters from here onwards.

First off, we’re only going to be releasing chapters from the earliest raws that meet a certain standard of quality.

Generally, this means ALL Share raws and SOME early Chinese raws.

For example: the Current Chapter – 446 (Tieba Link)   meets this standard.

This means that we really should have released this weeks chapter off these Chinese raws already but for this week only, we decided to just use Share raws.

The reason for this is basically due how difficult it is to clean out old LQ releases from various manga aggregator sites outside of Batoto. A large number of readers don’t use Batoto at all and for me personally, this standard of quality (Mangafox Link) is simply not acceptable. Even if the majority of those readers don’t care about the quality at all, it matters a lot to me.

If we DO release a chapter off a Chinese raw that meets our standard of quality, we will still release another HQ version off the Japanese Share raws simply due to them not being completely up to scratch e.g. this page appears to have been leveled too far as well as to re-check and fix mistranslations due to the double translation from Japanese to Chinese to English.

For Chapter 446 for this week, we’re still waiting on a Japanese Share raw. Not quite sure why it isn’t out yet but hopefully it should be out tomorrow.

edit: added chapter release to this post so that people hopefully actually read this…

Chapter 446: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 445

Most likely reverting to using Japanese raws and releasing every Saturday.

Next chapter of Ad Astra will be out tomorrow.

Chapter 445: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 444

Chapter 445 will be out on Saturday from the Japanese raws. Ad Astra will be out on Sunday.

Chapter 444 HQ version released. Links below.

Next chapter will probably be out on Monday the 7th of September unless there’s a Chinese raw that comes out before Friday

Speak of the devil…

Fun fact: the cleaner for the Chinese scanlation group appears to be changing from week to week which is why some releases from them look like utter crap and some are actually good (like this weeks).

Chapter 444: MF | Read Online

Also, v2 of the last chapter. The Hi Shin Unit is actually 8000 men strong, not 7000.

Chapter 443v2: MF


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Kingdom Chapter 443

Next chapter will probably be out on Monday the 7th of September unless there’s a Chinese raw that comes out before Friday..

After that, we’ll probably be moving back to using the Japanese share raws and only releasing a HQ copy of the chapter on Saturdays if the Chinese raws continue to take so long to come out.

Chapter 443: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 442

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ EE-SAMA TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Chapter 442: MF | Read Online

Edit: Since people were asking about the LQ release, we didn’t do one this week because there wasn’t an early Chinese scan for us to translate.

Seems like the Chinese group wasn’t able to obtain their usual early leaked raw and had to wait for the share release like us.

We will still be doing LQ releases provided they come out early enough.

Edit 2: Chapter 443 is unfortunately delayed until Monday due to Oshit suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s and forgetting to bring his laptop to clean over the weekend. Ad Astra will probably be out on either Tuesday or Wednesday.


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Chapter 441

Ad Astra’s on hold until next week and it looks like Kingdom’s on another 1 week break as well.

edit: Released HQ version. Changes:

page 72: kokujo river -> kokunyo river.
multiple rephrasings / a few edits for readability.

Chapter 441: MF | Read Online


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