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Kingdom Raws and Admin Stuff

Alright, so I’ve gotten a large number of emails this week linking me raws online so rather than replying, I’ll just address them all here.

  • Going forward, we’ll only be using raws off Share.
  • The latest I’ve ever seen a Share raw come out is Thursday the following week.
  • We won’t be doing any releases off Chinese scans.
  • I will not be replying to any emails linking me raws.
  • Only email me if you find a Japanese raw. I still won’t reply but I’ll take a look at it to see how good it is.
  • If you can’t tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean, go here –,-Japanese,-and-Korean-Writing-Apart
  • If you STILL can’t tell the difference, do not email me.
  • This is going to piss off some people. Oh well.


If you are a godly cleaner that wants to clean raws from web sources like at contact me. You will need to be able to redraw to stitch the double pages together and check / search for the raws yourself.

If you are able to purchase the Young Jump magazine every Thursday or obtain it by questionably legal means earlier, contact me. You provide the scanner and we’ll pay for your magazine subscription.

If you are neither of these, thanks for your offer but we probably aren’t hiring you. I’ve had offers from several people to translate from Korean and Vietnamese. I believe I’ve replied to you all but if I missed any, we aren’t looking for any other language translators. We don’t have any way to TLC your translations and re-translating from another translation is like playing Chinese whispers.

Spoilers in Comments

Please do not post spoilers in the comments. Linking to spoilers is fine but don’t say what happens in them. We don’t have any spoiler tags because this is a free site so play nice.


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Kingdom Chapter 471

Alright, here’s chapter 471 from the LQ mangaraw raws.

The Share raws are still not out. When they come out, I’ll make a v2 replacing the double page spread with a proper redrawn copy. The other pages will probably stay the same because I’m too lazy to clean a chapter more than once.

Please note that the weekly ETA of ~Saturday is based fully on the release dates on the Share P2P network. It’s an ESTIMATE. I have no way of guaranteeing when releases come out. If someone wants to move to Japan to buy and scan me the magazine every Thursday, I will guarantee you a release every Thursday night (JST).

Until a reliable raw source somehow turns up, we’re all sadly in the same boat of f5-ing for the latest release.

Chapter 471v0: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 470

Another volume down. woo.

Chapter 470: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 469

Kingdom is on break next week.

Chapter 469: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 468

Finally got off my ass to redo 466 without watermarks. No changes with the translation. Available below.

Next chapter of Ad Astra will be out sometime this long weekend.

Chapter 468: MF | Read Online

Chapter 466 (HQ Re-release): MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 467

We’ll release a HQ of 466 during the week and begin scanlating Ad Astra ¬†again over Easter long weekend.

Chapter 467: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 466 LQ

Well, Japanese raws are still nowhere to be found so here’s an LQ release from the Chinese scans complete with useful watermarks.

Hopefully whoever uploads the Jap raws to Share comes back soon or imma be one unhappy scanlator.

Chapter 466v0 DRAFT: Read Online

In other news, guess who went to Japan just to buy this:


… actually pretty sad since this 3rd guidebook just includes the side story in volume 23 as it’s bonus chapter…

Does have an omake though so I guess we’ll release that on the weekend or something.


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