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Kingdom Chapter 628

Kingdom is on a 2 week break.

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Q: Why is there like a 3-4 day difference between Korean releases and the English one. I’m not stupid, they come from the same source.

A: They don’t come from the same source. One’s from a leaked magazine raw, ours is from the digital release. We don’t have access to any decent leaked magazine raws and aren’t going to use the incredibly LQ and watermarked Korean scans.

Q: But they don’t get released on Thursday, anyone that’s ever been to Japan would know shueisha releases their magazines on a Monday.
They use the same exact scan that the Koreans use, there is no difference.

A: Anyone that’s ever been to Japan looking for Weekly Shonen Jump and Weekly Young Jump would know that Weekly Shonen Jump gets released on Mondays and Weekly Young Jump gets released on Thursdays.

The other English scan (the French Kingdom scanlation team / site) released a good scan of Kingdom in French earlier this week.

The English scan that wasn’t ours that was linked in the comments used this French scan to release earlier than us. You can see the poor redrawing of’s watermarks everywhere… or maybe you can’t; I find that the visual acuity of a reader tends to correlate strongly with how much they complain.

They have incidentally also run more filters over the scan to try to hide the poor redrawing.

I might talk with’s leader on whether or not they’d like to share their raws with us but historically there’s been some drama with Sense and the French team and honestly, I am too old for this shit.


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Kingdom Chapter 627

*Insert ‘trite xmas shite’ of your choosing here*

edit: Probably a new year’s break next week.

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Kingdom Chapter 626

lul mangastream’s dead?

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Kingdom Chapter 625

Forgot to add the download links to dropbox again… Will do it once I get home.

edit: dropbox is updated

Ok, just read the comments in the previous post. May as well clarify some points.

We/Us in anything below means Turnip Farmers (i.e. gongitraped and oshit) and not Sense Scans or anyone under that scanlation group. I means oshit.

  • Comments from us will always be highlighted in blue. check this post’s comments for an example.
  • This blog is hosted on, a blogging platform. That means we don’t own it and don’t have any control over ads or whatever. Ad revenue from any ads seen on this website go to and not us.
  • In reality, there is no functional purpose for this site. This site only exists for the purposes of differentiating ourselves from Sense Scans.
  • We don’t host the scans anywhere and don’t care if you re-upload them to anywhere. Sense Scans is responsible for that and might care? but as far as we’re concerned, we just translate, edit and typeset image files that disappear once we hit save in Adobe Photoshop.
  • There are no benefits to scanlating Kingdom except that Kingdom is made available in English. I don’t know why we do this. If someone else wants to do it, go ahead.
  • I believe Sense is using the digital magazine release for raws now. These raws get released at Thursday 00:01 a.m. Japan Standard Time (JST). Turnaround from these raws is anywhere between 12 to 36 hours (usually) due to timezone differences and depending on availability of redrawers or other staff from Sense Scans. This release took 31 hours from digital raw release to be released on Sense Scans’ website. If you want to speed it up, learn to redraw and go join Sense Scans or release your own scans I guess?
  • You all should probably stop responding to the morons in comments. We don’t moderate the comments section or care much if anyone is flaming us. We read the comments pretty much only twice a week: just after we release and just after we release the following chapter.

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Kingdom Chapter 624

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Kingdom Chapter 623

Someone’s being doing too much acid.

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Kingdom Chapter 622

Best chapter for translators / typesetters in a long time!

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