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Kingdom Chapter 436

WTB> more china boy with sword

At least the cheesy dialogue and constant crying means less text to translate though…

edit: Added HQ version. No changes to TL script

Chapter 436: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 435

Next chapter of Ad Astra will be out sometime over the weekend probably.

Chapter 435: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 434

Here’s the LQ chapter for this week from the new Chinese group’s scans. We’ll be releasing a HQ version on Saturday as per normal. Thanks for all the people that have donated so far! We’ve managed to hit just over $100 in the first week!

Edit: HQ Released. Differences:

  • Chapter Title: Star of Defeat -> The Star of the Defeat (a reference to Ryo Fui as the star)
  • Scrape out their eyes and break their limbs -> Scrape out his eyes and cut off all his limbs (referring to Rou Ai)
  • Apparently the Japanese name for Prince Fusu is Fuso. We’re just leaving it as Fusu though.

Edit 2:

Chapter 435 (HQ) will be out tomorrow. We missed it coming out last night sadly and since it’s only 24 hours between releasing a LQ tonight and releasing a HQ tomorrow, we figure we may as well just wait a day.

Chapter 434: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 433 and Stuff

Baidu Tieba Kingdom group Cliff Notes

  • Previous group that was working for (Chinese aggregator) dropped it
  • Random speculation that they weren’t making enough money
  • Some other group has picked it up
  • No idea if the new group has access to leaked raws or not
  • The new group just released the latest chapter last night off of Share raws (what we use for our HQ release)
  • Their image quality is actually good and way better than the previous groups (leshen)
  • i.e. their cleaner actually cares about doing a half decent job. Alhamdulillah!
  • We’re going to continue releasing off of the first available raw.
  • If the new group has leaked raws, I’m going to have to make an Ouki dance sequence watermark or some shit to cover theirs.


In other news, I’ve re-opened the donations for the hell of it and also as an experiment. You can donate using the button on the right. I’m going to continue tallying up the total donations on our wallet page and on the widget on the right. I’m manually editing these when I see them so don’t panic if you don’t see it update immediately. Make sure you flame me or mention it in the comments though if i forget. I’ll probably screenshot my paypal account statement as a monthly review thing if we actually get anything.

So, the experiment. Well, what’s going to happen is that all the donations over the year will be donated to a charity (probably Cancer Council Australia) maybe we can have a vote at the EOFY. I’ll match every dollar donated up to some sane limit and I’ll frame the receipt and post it or something.

So why donate if it’s just going to go to a charity? Well, charity is tax-deductible so really, you’re donating both to the charity as well as us! Sort of anyway… Technically, we’ll be running at a slight loss if I match every dollar… What other site offers to go broke and homeless from your donations!?

The thing you actually came here for

Anyway, here’s the chapter.

Chapter 433: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 432

14RSowlhat Edit: HQ Released. Differences:

  • missing bubbles
  • Wateji -> Wategi
  • The banners of the Juuteki shall rise up again. -> The blood of the Juuteki shall boil up once again.
  • ah! d- -> -qin army! army! (guessing chinese scanlators didn’t realise this was an echo?)
  • the enemy is a formidable fighter himself, my lord -> It would seem the enemy is quite the courageous fellow. (actually typo’d here… going to fix.)

Also forgot to mention, Kingdom’s on a 1 week break until the next release. Chapter 432: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 431 and Drafts

So, we’ve been thinking about this for a while and finally gotten off our asses to do it. We’ll be releasing a draft each chapter a few hours after the Chinese raw comes out based on that and re-releasing a HQ version off Japanese raws after a week (as normal). So a few things to note.

  • We’re translating from Chinese to English for these drafts so it may be slightly inaccurate and will be TLC’d on the HQ version from the Japanese raw.
  • I’ll simply be updating these posts with the HQ version when it comes out rather than making a new one all the time.
  • You can tell it’s a draft because the raws look like ass, it’s marked as v0 on batoto and we also helpfully included this awesome watermark! Seriously… anyone who watermarks manga deserves to be shot.
  • If you see any errors (grammar etc.) you can leave them here in the comments and we’ll fix them in the HQ release.
  • Still looking for a raw provider. E-mail us if you can help out. We can offer you many turnips.

Chapter 431: MFRead Online 


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Kingdom Chapter 430

So file server’s finally down for good.

I’ve copied the volume batch files to mega and you can find these on the DDL page at the top. We’re using mega only because it’s the easiest to maintain. I’ll get off my ass sometime and upload batch files for volumes 37-39 sometime this weekend.

Let me know if any volumes are corrupt etc. Already found one which I’ll have to replace.

Anyway, here’s the release:

Chapter 430: MF | Read Online


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