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Kingdom v39-44 Afterwords + Omakes

Available on mega at:!Ll8SVQiD!ii1zsf-y7HH45Ydmej9ZmQ

Or just read them on imgur at:







Feel free to upload these wherever you want I suppose…

DDL links for Chapters 526-534 are also available on mediafire at:

Other stuff:

Apparently batoto took down a bunch of our chapters due to copyright issues etc. I won’t be re-uploading them there or anything.

The only thing that will be kept up to date (mostly) is our mega archives.

I’m uploading volume 48 there right now.




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Kingdom Chapter 534

Direct downloads links etc. will be sorted out this upcoming weekend hopefully.

Chapter 534: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 533

Yep, it’s finally out.

I told you to send him bad vibes

Chapter 533: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 532

HQ chapters of 530 and 531 are now also up at Sense Scans!

You can take a look at some of the comparisons at Sense’s website.

edit: Kingdom is on break this week (last week of September)

Chapter 532: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 531

Out already at Sense Scans.

Some stuff:

  • This site’s timezone is GMT / UTC.
  • We’re Australian and on AEST (UTC+10 or 11 depending on daylight savings).
    • This means I’m asleep or at work from 2 p.m. til around 8 a.m. UTC.
  • Currently we’ve been releasing LQ scans with the plan to replace them on Sense’s reader with HQ cleans at a later point.
  • The HQ cleans thing might also take a while because of the redrawer having to sort out some personal stuff.
  • Direct downloads and all that will be sorted out after I actually get my weekends back around October 7/8 and have more free time.
  • Some of you might have noticed Sense Scans has taken down all but the 3 most recent chapters of Kingdom. This is due to copyright take downs etc. Only the 3 most recent chapters will be hosted there moving forwards.
    • As always, read our releases on batoto or the volume downloads or Sense Scans if you’re interested in actually getting the files as we produced them. (though I’ll have to update it all when I can as per the previous comment)

Chapter 531: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 530

Most of you probably saw it already, but yeah, Sense released the chapter earlier.

Please join in me sending bad vibes to Oshit in the hopes of him falling down some stairs so that he can be bed-bound and therefore available to do Kingdom 24/7.

Chapter 530: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 529

edit: as per my comment – planning on getting the chapter out tomorrow night (24-26 hours from now (1 p.m. UTC/GMT).

Apologies for the delay, I’ve been incredibly busy with work lately.

Read Online


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