Please let us know by email or comments on the front page posts if these links go down or if any don’t work.

If you’re a group looking to scanlate Kingdom into another language and are after the latest volume PSDs that aren’t in the links below, send us an email.

Our email is turnipfarmers@gmail.com





The latest chapter PNGs (not renamed) can be found at:



7 responses to “DDL

  1. Boo

    Are you missing omakes or something for the missing volumes?

  2. Hamozus

    Do you plan on releasing the chapters in volume form after v39 ? Is it due to missing omakes ?

    • Omakes are released only after the tankoubons (volumes) are released. We buy the digital volumes every once in a while when enough have built up / we’re bored and do the omakes in batches.

  3. The links are down. Can you, maybe, make them live again?

  4. Please do not post this page as we don’t read comments here. You might only get an answer after a couple years.

  5. don

    thanks for the hard work making the kingdom more cooler . really appreciated it man

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