Questions on Kingdom

Q. When do chapters come out?

Chapters are currently being sourced by Sense-Scans and usually come out sometime between Tuesday to Thursday slightly before the actual retail magazine release. If a chapter is not out, check the comments section of the last post. Typically someone will already have asked or answered this question.

Q. Can I use / upload your scanlation to…?

Yes. Cleans are even available here. Also, please credit us appropriately for our work. If you’re looking for more recent cleans or Ad Astra, contact us at turnipfarmers@gmail.com

Unfortunately, we cannot release any cleans done with Sense-Scans due to their own policies regarding this.

Q. Why do you use Japanese names?

See here.

Q. What is [Kingdom Character]’s Chinese Name.

See here.

Questions on Ad Astra

Q. Have you dropped Ad Astra?

Yes. If anyone’s interested in continuing scanlating Ad Astra, contact our email for free digital scans up to vol 8.

As to why we dropped it, lack of time / force of will to continue.

Questions on Scanlation

Q. Do you plan on taking up another project? Are you accepting any suggestions?

No. We’re burnt out old men and no longer young.

Q. What goes into Scanlating a chapter of Kingdom?

The workload of scanlating a chapter of manga can be broken down as follows:

  • Cleaning: 1.5 – 2 hr
  • Translation: 1.5 – 2 hr
  • Typesetting: 1 – 1.5 hr
  • Redrawing: 0.5-1 hr

It takes an average of 6 work hours to produce a chapter of manga.

These times were taken when Turnip Farmers was the sole group working on Kingdom. Now that Sense is handling cleaning and redrawing, times take slightly longer due to the different raws used and organisation required due to the collaborators living in different time zones.

Questions about Us

Q. How can I contact you?

There are several ways. You can leave a comment on our latest post, we will read them. You can also send us a private message on Batoto. Lastly you can send us an email at: turnipfarmers@gmail.com.

Q. What’s with your names?

We are jaded life-long MMO gamers that no longer care about our alias’. Oshit and Gongitraped were what we used when we decided to marathon Men of War. Anyone who’s played that game should get the joke. Turnip Farmers is a random name in a long line of stupid guild names that include gems such as: Tofu, Team of Friends and China Boys Penitentiary.

Misc. Questions

Q. Why don’t you accept donations or use ads?

Nothing pisses me off more than redirect ads. As for donations:

  • We don’t want or need to scanlate for money.
  • Our running costs are close to nonexistent anyway.
  • Scanlation is already a morally grey area.
  • While I don’t begrudge someone making a small amount off their work translating unofficially, I find it absurd that some people are getting up to $1000 a month or more off of it – in some cases, probably more than the original author is receiving for their work.
  • If you want to donate to us, we’d much rather you find a way to send it to Hara Yasuhisa or donate it to a research or wildlife charity.
  • We ran donations for charity back in 2015-2016 and raised $750 for Cancer Council Australia! You can read more about it here.

Q. I want to be a wizard!

OK mang, dats col.

58 responses to “FAQ

  1. C. Lee

    Thanks for your HardWork. Keep it up in order for us to appreciate it even more!

  2. PeacefulPerson

    can i take your work and translate it into another language? keeping your credit pages and just stating that third party re-translated your work?

  3. Just out of curiosity, in the future, when you guys catch up with the chapters, do you plan on taking another project?

  4. LIK

    Turnip Farmers, me love you long time!!

  5. tan abbie

    Thank You For translating Kingdom Manga…. =)

  6. fein

    It’s great to hear that Turnip Farmers plan to release Kingdom till up to date then use the time to pick up/work on other projects later.
    This is the best of cos since from what we saw most of the time, alot of other scanlation team just pick up a bunch of projects even know they won’t be able to release it very much or just purely delay till further notice but they don’t plan on dropping it either = end up we might never get to see the series being continue till they wanted to do so when they have more help or more time to spent on that project since they want to finish their other project first…
    (then I really wonder why they pick up so many project in the first place since they know they might not even get to start on it…LOL)

    anyway, still wanted to say “Thanks” to Turnip Farmers (+Vendetta now) again for bringing us such good quality manga for “Kingdom”
    can’t wait to see and hear you catch up and release the next big news of your new project sooner or later in the future! XD

  7. I really like this series. Try your best. Fighting. Ganbatte

  8. Canman

    I want to be a wizard!

  9. Gaurav

    Just want to thank you guys for your phenomenal hard work! I haven’t seen any group in a very long time in general, to be able to put out as many quality chapters as you guys every week. Thank you!!

  10. Ac :)

    YOU ARE AMAZING 🙂 The speed of the works and the quality is exceptional. I wish everything your hearts desire. Thank you for doing this amazing job and taking up such good series!!!

  11. Heilstrom

    bro you guys are awesome

  12. DivineGrace

    Thank you guys for the fast and quality scans. Is the end of January 2014, still a good estimate for you guys to catch up to?

  13. Dragon

    Appreciate the hard work keep it up farmers

  14. Mohammed

    Please consider expanding your work rate, for the sake of your 10,000 fans.

    e.g. If you took a vote, I bet you that we all would support inviting professional people (even WEB organized) to join you and help boost up the awesome work.

    I hope you the best anyways.

    • Increasing work rate would require hiring on new translators, redrawers and typesetters. It’s difficult since it would essentially be recruiting an entire team of people and having to ensure some standard of quality.

      Either way, we’re currently happy with our current release rate and don’t really have any time to spare to figure out the logistics of increasing our work pace.

  15. Coolbeans

    Just want to say awesome job and keep up the good work.

  16. DayNeet

    Why the name Turnip Farmers? Not sure if you already answered this 😀

  17. fan

    well finishing this project will obviously take up some time but with current rate its not that far off so assuming that you will take new project after this one is up to date will you to the new series in the same manner ? i mean the mass release which is very coll btw,

  18. xDarKx28

    i am happy by the quality of Kingdom and even though a new chapter can not be released everyday is still ok for me… the cliffhangers and the waiting for the next chapter for another 3 days more or so is so nerve racking and this makes me more hooked to Kingdom… it is like giving me pleasure then cutting me off at the best part then make me wait for the pleasure again for not so long to make me lose interest in the momentum of the pleasure… 😛

    keep it guys!!! the best!!!

  19. amp

    You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the hard work!

  20. d00d

    You guys ARE awesome; keep on truckin’! >.<

  21. Saybellynn

    Hi I just wanted to say great work, just got caught up myself and Thanks for all your efforts. I know this is early but I wanted to suggest Ryuurouden , as a pick up project here’s a link to more info on it

  22. hoxhe

    Because saying thanks is not enough to express my feelings all i can say is that i will hug you people very very hard if i see you 🙂

  23. west

    You guys are doing a great job. Thanks for all the hard work.

  24. Mist

    You guys are amazing! Great quality and timely updates, it’s just wonderful and the choice of the story was fantastic as well! Also I’m glad to know you guys will be sticking to kingdom until you catch up. I don’t see much of a point doing multiple stories unless you know you can keep up old stories and new stories all at the same time. It’s better to stick to one story at a time 😀 Again thanks and hope you 2 have a wonderful Christmas! Can’t wait for more of your updates 😀

  25. Lord

    Just one question u havent changed the date for the new release since the jan 19th one. just wondering if ur on a break or just forgot 2 change it.
    p.s keep up the amazing work us readers dnt know wat we wld have done without u

  26. Tony

    Wow you guys are a 2 man team? And you manage to consistently churn out high quality work on a weekly basis? Damn. That’s some dope efficiency. Asian work ethic, what can I say? Thanks for all you’ve done, keep it up fellas.

  27. Hey guys i was jsut wondering if you guys could setup a discussion board and assign public moderators on this page, i think it would be awesome to properly discuss kingdom with real fans

  28. Ricardo

    Volumes 1 and 2 are missing on the PSD files, do you plan releasing the soon? I would really love to release them in Portuguese (Brazilian), but starting from the 3rd volume would be strange.

    • Laplacian

      Q. Do you plan to scanlate the extra chapters, special volume, volumes 1 and 2 etc.?

      We will consider it after we’re up to date with Kingdom.

      I think this means they didn’t actually translate volumes 1 and 2, probably because those volumes were done by another group previously.

  29. So I’ve been reading kingdom for a while now and I ended up looking for the wonderful people blessing us with the scanlation so regularly. Ended up here to find it’s 2 guys that seems awesome ! Thanks for it, I can’t tell how much it is appreciated 😀

  30. Din

    I have always been wondering who were the persons behind all this manga scanlation, and after the privileged of reading all the available scanlated manga online, I decided to do my part of paying gratitude to the wonderful scanlators. It just so happens that you guys will be the first to receive my gratitude. I wish you guys healthy body and soul and keep up the wonderful works you guys have been doing! I will continue to try and give my gratitude to the other scanlators.

  31. Josh

    The translations quite become different. I know you have your pattern on translating words but suddenly you sound like an english school teacher trying to find synonyms and antonyms. Is it because of mangajoy translation? I know they are not good but you dont need to over translate each word. The characters sounded like academics or something.

    • At times, I think the translations are bit too verbose as well. It’s a consequence of not spending more time editing it down.

      I don’t actually read much manga any more (ever since we started translating Kingdom actually) so the translation / scanlation is not due to any other group’s work.

      In an ideal world, each character would have his or her own voice. For instance, Shin is meant to talk like the uneducated country hick he is so his word choice should reflect his level of education. On the other hand, we often give Shouheikun more ‘exotic’ words to use since he’s meant to be a jenius and all.

      In the end, most of it boils down to time though. While I’d love for someone to pay me to re-do Kingdom from scratch with 100% digital cleans and perfect editing, this isn’t going to happen methinks.

  32. Evasio

    May I ask you what you all do for work if you don’t work on Thursdays? for like 3-4 hours? I was just curious how you find time for this, and I am really grateful for yours awesome scans. My English even got better 😛

    • I’ve always worked Thursdays since we started Kingdom. We just do chapters in the evening after work if they happen to come out on weekdays.

      I (oshit) am a computer programmer.

  33. Jake

    Since you will be catching up in the next couple of weeks, which project do you have planned next? That is if you do have another project planned.

  34. koko

    can you please translate this manga KAGEROU NOSTALGIA.

  35. ahmed ghazal

    Firstly I thank u for ur hardwork on kingdom it was one of the best manga I have ever read.
    in one of your old posts u mentioned the possibilty of picking up ryuuroden l decieded to give it a try because u recommended it and it is very good I hope u complete it one day

  36. Yunan

    Dear Turnip Farmers

    I know you don’t want to take new projects. But since you catched up with the kingdom raws …

    …pls can you guys pick up the Manga “Ruler of the Land” (http://mangafox.me/manga/ruler_of_the_land/ ) cause the usual translator is inactive..
    I really love this manga more than Kingdom 😛
    I would gladly donate.


  37. kikiroo

    Thanks for the work turnip farmer its awesome. Can you take this project as well “DOULU DALU” its a nice manhwa. I love you turnip farmer

  38. stinkymonkey

    Really awesome scans guys. Thanks a lot.

  39. #1FanEU

    Love you guys. Without you, there would be a hole in my life.

  40. Hey guys ! thank you so much for translate kingdom, i’m a french fan who follow the kingudamu-team, really guys, thanks a lot ! and /cheer !

    greetings, geoffrey ( from france )

  41. Is there always an Omake chapters in each volumes?

  42. Please do not post this page as we don’t read comments here. You might only get an answer after a couple years.

    • My randomly generated avatar turned out purdy, didn't it?

      That’s fine, take your time.

      Q: Why aren’t y’all on Twitter or the like so we can bother you about the date of the next chapter release in real time ;> ?

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