Kingdom Chapter 520

Past midnight here so I’m just going to upload the mediafire download later today along with the last chapter that I forgot about.

edit: Added direct download links for chapter 519 and 520. Fixed v2c19 download on volume downloads.

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Chapter 519: MF


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Kingdom Chapter 519

Finally, things are kicking off.

Chapter 519: MFRead Online


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Kingdom Chapter 518

Mistranlated previous chapter.

Shunsuiju is actually replacing Kousonryuu as commander of the 100 000 men while Kousonryuu will be acting as his deputy.

Will upload a v2 of 517 shortly.

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Chapter 517v2: MF


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Kingdom Chapter 517

I’ve been lax in uploading all the direct download files… working on it right now tracking down all the old releases.

They should all be up by tomorrow sometime.

All volumes up to v47 are now available in the mega DDL section. Added mediafire links for chapter 516 and 517.

Chapter 516: MF

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Kingdom Chapter 516

Okay, here’s the latest chapter. Apologies once again for all the delays.

Not entirely sure why everyone in this manga seems to be terrible at war even if they’re meant to be genius strategists but oh well…

Some housekeeping:

  • Remember that you can in fact receive e-mails automatically whenever we make a new post for each release by hitting the Follow button on the bottom right of the screen. You can also use Sense Scan’s RSS feed on their website.
  • Kingdom is on break next week so next chapter is probably going to be out around the 21st or 22nd of May.
  • I’m swamped with work right now so probably not going to get the mediafire link up until the weekend. The volume downloads on mega should have been fixed up to volume 36 and I’ll try to finish uploading the rest this weekend as well (sadly a bit hard on awesome Australian upload speeds of 100KB/s).

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Kingdom Chapter 515

Mediafire link will be up shortly.

Looks like our mega volumes and PSDs etc are all gone after having been taken down due to copyright infringement claims etc. I’ll see what I can do about getting it back up next weekend.

Also, all our mediafire links are currently under DMCA claims too so those will probably disappear in a bit too if they aren’t gone already.

Note: I will never re-upload chapter downloads, only volume batches.

edit: Forgot to mention – Kingdom is on break this week due to Golden Week, also haven’t got time to upload all the volumes yet due to too much other work that’s piled up – it’s halfway done and hopefully I can get around to finishing it next weekend.

edit 2: Apologies, chapter is delayed and will hopefully out tomorrow or the day after. Kingdom will be on break the following week as well.

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Kingdom Chapter 514

Apologies, this should have come out yesterday but we were preoccupied with the Easter revelries.

Just a note: I always try to read every single comment on these posts and typically will check them all while I’m releasing a chapter. If you ask a question that you think didn’t get answered, just check that I didn’t already answer it in the previous post’s comments, otherwise – just ask it again!

Chapter 514: MF | Read Online


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