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Kingdom Chapter 318-319

*Added proper Chapter 320 (previous one had a typo on page 76)

Chapter 320 will be uploaded on Monday or Tuesday (tomorrow or the day after) depending on time.

We’ll likely be cutting down on chapters to 5 a week too (2 mid-week and 3 on the weekend) as I’m moving from a part time to full time position starting tomorrow.

My new job (below).

Chapter 318: MF

Chapter 319: MF

Chapter 320: MF



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Kingdom Chapters 290-292

We will be going on break over Christmas until the 2nd of January 2014.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Chapter 290: MF

Chapter 291: MF

Chapter 292: MF


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On Hiatus

Sorry for the misinformation on our release status,

Have decided to take a break until the 27th to get things organised: ripping / cleaning volumes 25+ , cleaning up the side story chapter, building a new PC etc., and also because tryign to scanlate on my old laptop is incredibly inefficient.

We will be back on the 27th hopefully with Chapters 249 – 251 as well as the side story.


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Kingdom Chapters 207-208

FFXIV login boss too hard…

In other news, I’ll be taking down donations at the end of the month since we’ve received far more than we need to finish scanlating Kingdom. Also, 90 comments in 24 hrs is seriously crazy o.o.

Chapter 207: MF | DDL

Chapter 208: MF | DDL


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Kingdom Chapter 135-137

Ok, so since all our mediafire links were taken down, we went and spent some money on a file server which some people have already begun spamming i see.

Direct links are available below. Older releases can be accessed from the DDL menu item at the top.

We’ll also be uploading to Mediafire but won’t be maintaining broken links or files that have been taken down on there.

Chapter 135: MF | DDL

Chapter 136: MFDDL

Chapter 137: MFDDL

Also, how many of you camp this page pressing f5. Jesus, watching my poor $12 server get DoS’d is both hilarious and sad.

Stuff about the Server

Average Total Speed: 1.2 MB/s
Maximum concurrent downloads: 20
Maximum concurrent downloads per individual: 5
Used as my seedbox. Slow as hell.


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Release Delayed


I assumed gongitraped would send Vendetta their half of chapters to typeset and he assumed I would…

Turns out they just sat there in our dropbox until this morning.

Man, we’re good.

Anyway, this lot’ll get released soon as we get them back and we’re already working on translating the next chapters so the release on Thursday should be fine… probably… heh.


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Kingdom Chapters 78-81

Here’s the rest of Shika’s story. Next up, an arc not covered by the anime!… I think… haven’t actually watched it.

Some other stuff: deciding to aim for ~8 chapters a week, ~3 midweek around Thursday and ~5 on Sundays (You’ll get 4 chapters this Thursday). This is because:

1. 8 is lucky Chinese number! Hot dog!

2. Technically we can boast that we’re so fast we’re doing more than one chapter a day!

3. Too lazy to do more than that.

4. Thonk!

Chapter 78

Chapter 79

Chapter 80

Chapter 81


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