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Kingdom Chapter 472 LQ

Well, here’s our translation of the chapter. If you’ve already read the Game of Scanlation scans, they’re pretty close enough that you don’t really need to read this.

I kind of find it fun to read them side by side and look at the differences though. We actually translated this on the weekend but never released it so you can look at how 2 different groups arrived at their own translation I guess. I think Game of Scanlation translated from Korean?

Both scans are using the Chinese raw so everythings overleveled, overfiltered and chock full of watermarks.

I am beginning to suspect that whoever uploads Kingdom to Share has suffered a heart attack or something.

Still working on finding some reliable raws. No exciting news yet. Tame Impala is awesome.

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Kingdom Chapter 466 LQ

Well, Japanese raws are still nowhere to be found so here’s an LQ release from the Chinese scans complete with useful watermarks.

Hopefully whoever uploads the Jap raws to Share comes back soon or imma be one unhappy scanlator.

Chapter 466v0 DRAFT: Read Online

In other news, guess who went to Japan just to buy this:


… actually pretty sad since this 3rd guidebook just includes the side story in volume 23 as it’s bonus chapter…

Does have an omake though so I guess we’ll release that on the weekend or something.


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Kingdom Chapter 457

Well, whoever uploads Japanese raws to Share appears to have gone AWOL so here’s some crappy LQ translations¬†from the Chinese scans.

Hopefully he or she comes back or we’re all going to have to suffer with these crapola quality scans in the future.

On the plus side… I think my watermarking skill levels up every time we do these.

Chapter 457v0 DRAFT: Read Online


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Some Draft Chapters

Lack of time tonight (or morning) to finish this off properly. The draft chapters attached are 100% translated and typeset and lack redraws and QC.

Have decided to release what’s been done so far anyway for those that can’t wait.

We won’t be releasing these on Batoto.

The completed chapters will be released on Saturday or Sunday.

Chapter 270v0

Chapter 271v0

Chapter 272v0



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