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Kingdom Chapter 548

Surprise midday release.

edit: Forgot to create DDL links… Will do it next weekend unless I forget again.

Copy pasted from a reply in the comments:

What I’m going to do going forward is set up a dropbox where I stick the raw images that aren’t renamed etc. if they really want to download them for some reason.

Update: here’s the link. I’ve also put it on the DDL page.


If anyone wants to help bundle them up for me, let me know either here or via email.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Irfanview for batch renaming the files
  • 7zip for zipping up the files
  • A Mega or Mediafire account
  • Skype or Discord for yelling at me because i forgot to give you the files.
  • Willingness to spend 5-30 minutes a week (depending on your internet speed) doing a tedious task so asshats can get off your back for something they could do themselves.

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Kingdom Chapter 547

Going to update all the DDL links on the weekend now I’m back from holiday.

Chapter 547: Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 546

Kingdom is on break next week.

Chapter 546: Read Online


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Chapter 545

I’d write something here, but Monster Hunter World literally just got released like 5 minutes ago.


Edit: Looks like one of the speech bubbles randomly got deleted during editing, V2 will probably come out sometime tomorrow.

The missing bubble should read something like “This is the first time we’ve encountered enemy foot soldiers this strong…

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Chapter 544

Here’s the crack fix you damn druggies.

For anyone that’s missed it in the comments, Oshit’s on holiday in Chinaland doing stupid touristy crap until the end of the month so typesetting work is a bit different and slower since Sense-Scans has to pick up his slack.

P.S. Grats to Sense on their 7 year Anniversary.

P.P.S. Ripperoni Batoto Potato

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Chapter 543

Happy New Year and all that jazz, you know how it goes.

Here’s the China boi you’ve all been waiting for.

Apparently the magazine’s on break again next week, so no Kingdom next week if that turns out to be true.

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Chapter 542

Last chapter of this year! Kingdom is on break next week.

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