Turnip Wallet

Donation is anonymous by default. If you would like your name to be credited for your donation, please mention it when donating or email us the details of your donation and we will add it here.

Anonymous – Sep ’13 – $9.00
Anonymous – Jun ’15 – $191.00
Anonymous – Jul ’15 – $10.00
Anonymous – Dec ’15 – $30.00
Anonymous – Jan ’16 – $25.00
Anonymous – Mar ’16 – $15.00
Anonymous – Apr ’16 – $45.00
Anonymous – May ’16 – $50.00
Amount that Oshit has to match (EOFY 2016): $375.00


Donation Drive from 2013



v11-v14 – May ’13 – $14.00
Kingdom v15-v16 – Jun ’13 – $7.00
Kingdom v17-v19 – Jul ’13 – $12.00
Kingdom v20-v30 – Aug ’13 – $44.00
Kingdom v31-v32 – Feb ’14 – $8.00
Kingdom v33 – May ’14 – $4.00
Kingdom v34-v35 – Jan ’15 – $8.00
File Server – Jun ’13 – $12.00
File Server – Jul ’13 – $12.00
File Server – Aug ’13 – $12.00
File Server – Sep ’13 – $12.00
File Server – Oct ’13 – $12.00
File Server – Nov ’13 – $12.00
File Server – Dec ’13 – $12.00
File Server – Jan ’14 – $12.00
File Server – Feb ’14 – $12.00
File Server – Mar ’14 – $12.00
File Server – Apr ’14 – $15.00
File Server – May ’14 – $15.00
File Server – Jun ’14 – $15.00
File Server – Jul ’14 – $12.00
File Server – Aug ’14 – $12.00
File Server – Sep ’14 – $12.00
File Server – Oct ’14 – $12.00
File Server – Nov ’14 – $12.00
File Server – Dec ’14 – $12.00
File Server – Jan ’15 – $14.00
File Server – Feb ’15 – $14.00
File Server – Mar ’15 – $14.00
File Server – Apr ’15 – $14.00
Ad Astra v2-6 – Apr ’15 – $$35
Total – $425.00
Anonymous – May ’13 – $66.50
Anonymous – Jun ’13 – $65.00
Anonymous – Jul ’13 – $43.50
Anonymous – Aug ’13 – $100.00
Anonymous – Sep ’13 – $150.00
Total – $425.00

41 responses to “Turnip Wallet

  1. Carlo

    Hi guys , its a pleasure thks to your hard work to read this wonderful manga. Keep going . Best regard. Carlo from Italy

  2. Id

    i think that’s alot of coffee for you to drink 😉

  3. hi guys ! thx for your work, quick question : where do you buy manga in VO at that price ?

  4. Phuoc

    This is the best manga at the moment, keep up the good work! I will donate in a sec 🙂

  5. Wonderfull work!!!
    Thanks a lot

  6. Teekayu

    Alright, got you a coffee 😛 Thanks a lot for your hard work! Your rated of chapter release are super AWESOME!

  7. danny

    just donated some money. honestly you guys remind me of the scanslation groups back in the early 2000s (snoopycool, toriyamaworld, etc) where it was all about the love of comics rather than publicity. it might just be my drunk ramblings but the fervor and pace that you guys release at is extremely commendable. please keep up the good work!! you guys are freaking awesome.

  8. OUKI

    Keep up the good work!

  9. vwin

    Omg danny I remember snoopy cool and toriyamaworld. They are really good translation group

    I miss the good old days

  10. homebutton

    The….the quality…. it’s so beautiful…

  11. Alexander

    if u are worried about the extra just use it on whatever or roll it over to another project if u ever choose to do so. all of us are more then fine with buying u KFC or coffee Or splurge on both for KFCOFFEE

  12. S.P

    Dude your awesome! still waiting for the kingdom release!! keep up the good work !

    From indonesia

  13. SRM

    Man.. I love your work ethics… Transparency in donations received and super hard-work in translating and churning out 8 manga chapters a week… Hats-off to you guys… Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  14. Vladimir Popov

    how to donate?? i just didnot get up how to do this

    • Donations are currently closed as we dislike scanlating for money unless the money is used on expenses related to the scans.

      Since we received far more donations than we actually require it’s unlikely we will open it any time in the forseeable future.

      Feel free to donate to other groups or a charity though.

  15. Jalhma

    Keep up the great work guess, Thanks a lot ^^

  16. JJ

    Guys thank You all for great work!! Keep it up ^^

  17. Guilherme

    Why we can’t donate? T_T

  18. Thang

    Love your work. Thanks for making this possible.

  19. Charlie

    you guys should open up the donations again. There’re a lot of people want to support you guys by donating some money. You guys could buy yourselves some food, drinks, ect. or once we catch up to the raw, maybe do another project as good as this one ???
    from U.S

  20. Yan

    Thanks guys, your work is really wonderful. Youre so humble, you are not working for money.
    I really suggest you open the donation, we are giving it for your hard work. Treat yourselves for something, or use it as your resources for upgrades or your future project.

    Thanks guys! i really love kingdom because i enjoy the story because you translate it for us!

  21. Xavier Stunn

    Man, this group is amazing. I was also planning to donate but saw that the donations are closed. It has been a while since I last saw such a group that does not get sucked in by money from donations.

    Keep up the great work guys! And a BIG Thank You! 🙂

  22. joe

    thanks for your hard work. we really appreciate it 😉

  23. timmychoi

    Looking at this page makes me really happy 🙂

  24. fenryl.34

    Hi guys! A lot of thanks for your work, and you are very amazing about the releases per week! I wish many good hings for u! Cheers from France 🙂

  25. Amit Shrestha

    Can’t wait for the new releases! Thank you guys for letting us read such a beautiful manga.Truly, you guys are awesome!!!!

  26. i want to thank you guys, for all the hard for you put in. Also enjoy the higher quality of scanlation that you have been putting out lately. 😀

  27. Guys,
    You are amazing, I know it’s been said before and I want to keep on saying it, please open the donations button again. We want to treat you with something as thanks for the great work you guys are doing. Or just put some ads that we can click on will you? Also, I want u to know that I will still keep supporting you guys even if there’s another group scanlating and releasing Kingdom chapters. All the best and more power Turnip Farmers!!

  28. Evasio

    I have a nice suggestion if you absolutely do not want any donations, then make a tab called Ad page with some ads so we can click for you :p

  29. yabin

    thx u very much!!!! greetings from indonesia

  30. Luco

    Thanks for the great work guys, one of the best manga I’ve read in ages and all by the same group to boot :P,
    Noting donations are closed, any idea what would be the best way to support the mangaka instead?

  31. anonymous

    thank you for your great work……

  32. Tahir

    thank you so much for the gr8 work..i really love the kingdom and only read your scanlations!!!greetings from pakistan.

  33. Tuzak Tuzakito

    can i donate in bitcoins?

  34. Seb

    Just sent in a small donation. Would be cool if you guys could translate the Social Kingdom project of Volume 26. I found raws here:

  35. Leo

    You guys are awesome, thank you so much for what you do.
    Saluti dall’italia!

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