Kingdom Chapter 499


Also, I’m not 100% sure but I think next week there’s another break next week.

edit: added the magazine cover page.

Chapter 499v2: MF | Read Online



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34 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 499

  1. Tek

    Thanks for chapter… and I hope you’re wrong about break 😦

  2. geroprog

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Oseas

    Volumes 1-44 selling like hot turnips!
    Oh you. ❤

  4. algarban

    WOW!! finally shin got that thing out! cant wait to see it in action
    Thanks for the chapter!! not a christmas present from japan T-T


  6. InsaneMultitasker

    Thank you, as always, nice work!

  7. rashoova

    Thanks for the hard work. So glad Shin finally use Ouki’s glaive, although it looks so big that he can’t wrap his fingers around it properly. :/

  8. Quinton

    Thank you for the chapter! Glaive Hype!!!

  9. Schaid

    NICE! Ouki’s Glaive can’t wait for it *0*

  10. you guys are the BEST!

    Ouki’s Glaive… FINALLY!

  11. all these kingdom breaks are giving me blue balls

  12. Xatan

    noooo, whats with all these breaks? theres so much hype and were moving into a huge war arc, you cant just let us sit here with blue balls.

  13. Castro2man

    Man Kingdom is always fucking awesome.

  14. Quinton

    that magazine cover looks awesome!

  15. its seem all trump card set, wonder what osen request is?
    another break? cant be helped

  16. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  17. Thanks for the amazing work …. and plis not another break 😭 plis

  18. Oseas

    About Kanki’s female commander – is her name Koku’ou or Kuro’ou? You seem to use mainly Koku’ou but occasionally Kuro’ou in your scanlations, so I was wondering what’s up with that.

  19. Threat1010

    I really love Kingdom. I hope you can release chapter 500 before going on break 🙂 Thanks for your hardwork (y)

  20. Isacz

    Did you dropped Ad Astra?

  21. Red Hare Kaizoku

    I like how you guys dropped a “turnip” plug in there!

  22. is break confirmed? 😀

  23. Seems so. Our christmas gift is on the way though, get hyped.

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