Kingdom Chapter 586

Huh, Sense Scans has been around for 8 years.

I guess we’re coming up on our 5th over here. Crazy how fast the years fly by. Can’t believe we’ve been scanlating this manga for that long.

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Kingdom Chapter 585


No chapter next week because of you know what.

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Kingdom Chapter 584

Next chapter might be a bit delayed depending on my schedule around Christmas.

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Kingdom Guidebook Omake

Hey everyone, surprise random omake here.

This comes out thanks to or abusuliman11 in the comments who reminded us that we actually never got around to scanlating the Omake bundled with the Kingdom Guidebook and sent us the scanned raws.

For context, Kingdom often publishes guide books where characters have their stats presented.

e.g. Shin might have the following stats (pulled from the Kingdom wiki @

Strength: 91+α
Leadership: 83
Intelligence: 74
Experience: B

Here’s a download link as well: DDL

If anyone wants to upload this to mangadex or anywhere else, go for it. I can’t really be bothered.


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Kingdom Chapter 583

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Kingdom Chapter 582

End of the arc is in sight maybe?

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Kingdom Chapter 581

Kingdom is on break next week.

Will update the downloads later today since I actually have the day off work for once.

Shoutout to this guy on reddit who re-did the first 16 chapters with Japanese names:

I think he also made a thread about redoing some of the chapters prior to us getting digital raws which would be pretty cool.

I’ve toyed around with the idea before. There’s so many things that could be re-translated or typeset better and some of the old pages were really terrible – over-leveled as heck because we had no other option, with 80 pixel gaps I had to redraw.

I honestly think we struck a fairly good balance between keeping somewhat decent consistency considering the release pace but things could definitely be better.

In the end, I don’t think I have the time or heart to commit to such a project, although it would be pretty cool to see someone else do it (or for an official English release).

Chapter 581: Read Online


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