Kingdom Chapter 482

Yay, a release on time!

Chapter 482v2: MF | Read Online

Edit: v2 fixed some typos.


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Kingdom Chapter 479-481

Hi all, here are chapter 479-481.

Apologies for the delay and the lack of response in the comments.

The delay has been due to issues with sourcing raws while the latter has largely been due to busy schedules and figuring out what to do about the delays.

I’m hoping for everyone’s sake though that the problems with sourcing raws are over…

edit: added missing page for 481

Chapter 479: MF | Read Online

Chapter 480: MF | Read Online

Chapter 481v2: MF | Read Online



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Kingdom Chapter 478

Sometimes I have to remind myself that this get’s published in a seinen magazine…

Chapter 478: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 476 and 477

Hello. No, we’re not dead (yet).

Hiccups on sourcing raws. Fingers crossed on smoother releases from now. Hopefully.

Oh well, here you go.

Chapter 476: MF | Read Online

Chapter 477: MF | Read Online


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Ad Astra Chapter 31

Well, haven’t seen this in a while.

Chapter 31: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 475

Will be uploading the direct download and Batoto chapter after I get off my plane.

And here it is. Nothing like scanlating while on vacation.

Chapter 475: MF | Read Online



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Kingdom Chapter 474

No more Batoto delays for Kingdom for now! yay!

We’ll still be linking to Sense Scans reader from this site but if you’re a Batoto user, go ham I guess?

Chapter 474: MF | Read Online

Edit – Donations

So gongitraped reminded me that I have to stand by my post about donations almost a year ago when we re-opened donations. I forgot to hold a vote though.

In any case, woo we raised $750 for Cancer Council Australia this past year!

Here’s the receipts for proof or something I guess? Please don’t hack me if I forgot to scrub any personal details…

I might be doing the same thing the following year but I haven’t decided yet. In any case, I’ll keep the donations up until I figure out what we’re doing with it. Maybe we can find out where Hara lives and send him a cheque.



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