Ad Astra Chapter 27

A nice cliffhanger to go on holidays on. Next chapter will probably be in ~a month

Also, we mistranslated Gisgo as Gisco.

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Kingdom Chapter 462

So Oshit’ll be going off to kill himself snowboard in Japan for the next 4 weekends.

Ad Astra will be on hold until then. We might get out one last chapter on Monday or Tuesday.

Kingdom will continue to be released as normal though.

A big thanks to Ouki from Kingudamu scans (the French scanlation team for Kingdom) for offering to help out Gongitraped with the cleaning and typesetting so that we can keep releasing while the useless half of the team buggers off.

Chapter 462: MF | Read Online


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Ad Astra Chapter 27

Chapter 26: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 461

Ad Astra will be out tomorrow or the day after.

The extra pages at the end of the chapter celebrate 10 years of Kingdom serialisation and are guest drawings by Hara’s old assistants who have gone on to draw their own manga as well as another mangaka that started serialisation around the same time as Hara.

Chapter 461: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 460

Something something volume 43 (probably) woo.

edit: Next chapter will be late (Sunday evening AEST). Translator is busy with life.

Chapter 460: MF | Read Online


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Ad Astra Chapter 25

End of Volume 4! ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

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Kingdom Chapter 459

Sadly, a pretty crap quality release this week due to hopeless raw quality :(.

Next chapter of Ad Astra will hopefully be out during the week depending on time.

Chapter 459: MF | Read Online


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