Kingdom Chapter 653

wtf, why are there so many comments.

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31 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 653

  1. Plumsbum

    This means Rokuomi will shit bricks at night after this day. lolol

    Btw, a big thanks for this excellent chapter and translation. Thumbsup!!

  2. Andri

    It will three-way battle between that chu commander against Rokuomi and Ranbihaku

  3. Tyr

    Wow, moubu got out-moubu’d not once but twice

    Sento’un and the crazy beserker BOTH went full moubu!

    Will moubu’s ego force him to new heights of arrogant recklesness? Lol

    …this is one crazy battle and i’m not at all mad. In fact, i think hara’s absolutely on point, strong warriors get reckless. Look at mma… Connor macgreggor trying to box (i thought he’d at least use kickboxing spacing, but nope, he tried beating the best couterpuncher ever with by-the-books tactics), anderson silva (spent a lot of time in a loss to bisping waiving his arms for dramatic effect while waiting for attack)

    Call it the “once punch man” syndrome. At some point, if you long for a real challenge, you’ll get one, that kills you. Bc every challenge is real

  4. Jackson

    Muchas gracias, amigos! This is fantastic!

  5. part time horse

    Wkwkwkwk rokuomi. got trolololol

  6. Nezzard

    Thanks a lot, another great chapter

  7. Boruto

    Too much spammer here, just block them out or turn off comment section

  8. Edmond Dantes

    Is Ranbihaku attacking Rokuomi in that last panel? wtf

    • Tyr

      Yeah, the excuse is “he’s a beserker”

      But on my second read…why did Gohoumei put a beserker, most likely to attack qin, on the front most likely to be fighting next to qin?

      …if a few qin generals “accidentally” die while Wei takes juuko, he’ll say “whups,” snicker quietly, and call it a win

  9. Hon Bo

    There are some strategic misconceptions to be clarified!

    Never think you got it in the bag. You need to keep pulling the turnip until it’s in the soup!

  10. Fred

    Wei needs Gai Mou, why was he dropped from the storyanyway? He could’ve easily replaced one of the other no-name generals we saw in this chapter. If he had been in this fight, Wei could’ve had a little bit more cred than they do currently.

  11. Tyr

    In case that one guy or gal was around, what was up with the french at the battle of agincourt tho? Why did they stay?

    (It’s been nagging at me)

    (For the unfamiliar, Here’s a fske scene from a guy who hasn”t studied it much, it takes place right before the first french countetattack… they lose in the end, btw)

    Nobleman/fake general A: “ok, maybe our grand finale attack was early. We assumed the brits were on their last leg, but, they’re putting up quite a fight. And this mud and these trees? Sacred blue! We should retreat. There’s no reason we have to win today. Lets grind them down slowly over weeks while eating the world’s best cheese.”

    Nobleman B: “coward! When things don’t go your way in battle, send everyone!”

    Please tell me the french had a good reason for staying in the battle beyond pride or arrogance or stubbornness… you’d said before the English made many errors. I’m starting to get some of what you were saying about how periods of history created different levels of sophistication. But hopefully I’m missing something.

    • Hello again, sorry it has taken me this long to respond but I tend to only read the comments close to the intended release of the next chapter. And thank you for being inclusive but I can confirm I am indeed a guy.

      As you have correctly stated, the opening attack on the English failed. This had been intended to be a full on cavalry assault, but as many historians suspect, was most likely diminished due to lack of discipline as some knights went to go warm themselves and eat rather than sit and wait. This extreme lack of discipline could be attributed to the fact that there were a few different large forces that made up the french army, all lead by lords of similar rank (one can see the possible issues with ego).

      Also, even though I disparage the English campaign, King Henry V did one good thing. As I believe you can find on Wikipedia, there is one quote from Baker that defines the tactics of that time, “Everywhere and on all occasions that foot soldiers march against their enemy face to face, those who march lose and those who remain standing still and holding firm win.” The English did not want to be caught on the move and since the French had more mounted Knights, they could not simply march away. King Henry therefore moved towards the enemy but instead of going all the way, he simply stopped at a more advantageous position to hold his ground and shoot at his enemy. Now, the French could have charged before they had a chance to set up, they did not, and we simply do not know why. I could have been a case of too many influential leaders, could have been the reliance on the tactic of those who stand still win or they simply could have been over confident due to their superior numbers.

      And after the initial cavalry failure, the ground simply became too churned up and dangerous for the French knights to risk their highly valuable war horses, so they had to close in on foot. One can imagine the pounding they received from archers who could fire at least 12 arrows a minute. I became more of a case of sheer exhaustion by the time they got to the English front line.

      So, following your cheese analogy, the cavalry charge may have failed because too many French were drawn away by the need to fill their bellies. Also, the French seemed to have been obsessed with the code of chivalry that was a quite common feature in warfare during that time. However, as I’m sure you’ve read, King Henry did not feel similarly constrained.

      • Tyr


        And no worries abt the delay, i can wait on this sweet, sweet analysis

        (Yes, I made it weird on purpose)

        Well, A. Rando Guy theorized, it sounds like the French would have lacked a chain of command clear enough to respond effectively to about anything, from what you’ve written. Even if one guy saw all the countermoves, if all the generals are equal, the others (who clearly were barely trying) wouldve just ignored him.

        Along with chivalry came ideas that nobility was a status granted by God, as, one assumes, was victory. A sometimes deadly assumption.

        • You are correct, religion and a feeling that god was on there side was well documented at the time. However, both sides had the same ideas on that subject.

          I’d also like to point out that not all of this self centered thought was due to glory, money was also a factor. People wanted prisoners to ransom as the code of chivalry prevented them from killing an opponent (knightly, gentlemanly or noble) who surrendered. In fact the English took so many that the prisoner outnumbered their own army.

          And yes it was weird, thank you for the acknowledgment.

          • Tyr


            Re: “God will determine victory,” yes, surely Henry played that card in one or many of his rallying speeches. The difference, according to A. Rando Guy, at least, is Henry went to the field himself, and therefore that belief worked in his favor, because in that worldview a King is closest to God and must either be obeyed or beheaded.

            Without their King, the French Nobles would have resisted putting anyone on a higher level then they, perhaps. After all, winning glory in war was a matter of finances and politics.

            Yes, i wondered if the expense of war was a factor, but still! Winning is cheaper than losing, lol

          • Tyr

            Apologies, i know ppl hate it when i double post, but i must run a simulationn now. All i know of this battle is from Shakespeare, this convo, and a five- minute skim of wikipedia. Using that, I’m going to render a scene of a possible version of events. (Knowing the possibility that it’ll go poorly for me… but screw it!)

            The french nobles are split into two groups: the ones that understand basic strategy (the “getits”, i’ll call them) and the ones that dont (the “clueless”)

            The clueless camp where its easy and comfy, despite objections, so henry gets to choose the ground. They also camp and settle in before attacking, so, the getits have a limited number of soldiers with which to blitz. And so tend to be repelled, so by agincourt, basically stopped trying.

            At agincourt, both henry and the getits knew exactly what the clueless would do, a very basic frontal assault. There was no convincing them otherwise. Henry planned to have several layers of archers, to use their forward momentum against them. For the brits, this was the easy part.

            The hard part was that the getits had their own attack planned. They would wait until the clueless were getting their asses handed to them, and then try to flank.

            Henry saw this coming, and that was the real fight, the brutal fight. But, in the end, even the getits were actually not one army, because each was fighting for their Noble’s status and name.

            In the end, the british morale from the speech and the crushing of the clueless carried the day.

  12. Freeter the Neet

    atleast 1-2 wei general gonna kick the bucket. qin general seems to big of a name to die now.

  13. Malpheus

    Demonstrating the value of joining us on discord, the scans are up as well, they also consider Turnips the official release:

    Wei Side:
    Ryuuhan is pushing through Genu’s army but as they push in Hakurei supports Genu’s army with arrows. As Ryuuhan’s army is taking hits from the arrows Junei takes that chance to push in with his army. Gouhoumei orders Bakai’s army to push in too.

    Chu Side:
    The Chu HQ gets reports saying the Wei army is pushing in and Jukoou says it’s interesting because Wei isn’t giving off any hints of which attack pattern they intend to use and they most likely won’t figure it out until the very last minute. When asked what they should do Jukoou says don’t worry and leave it to Genu. Genu tells the first wall to step back and stop them at the second wall.

    Qin Side:
    The Qin notices that the Wei are already past the first line of defense while Qin is still at the first. They wonder if Gouhoumei was this strong all along and at this rate Qin will be too slow.

    credits to jeeswag
    Wei Side:
    Wei’s HQ gets reports of them pushing in past the first line and the Qin still not getting thru. The Wei soldiers start looking down on Qin and says GHM is on the same level as Riboku in terms of strategic genius and the Qin should’ve brought Shouheikun instead of Mouki to match brains. GHM says they can’t dismiss them just because of that. Even if their tactics are lacking they have enough individual strength to cover for it. Moubu and Tou starts punching thru and leading their armies past the first line as well. GHM is impressed with Tou for living up to his expectations as a general who knows his stuff and Moubu for being dangerous enough to turn the tides with just his strength despite that having nothing but that. He tells his soldiers to watch them closely because after 3 years they’re the first ones they should take out. GHM wonders what the Chu will do since if it’s left like this the pincer attack will succeed.

    Chu Side:
    Jukoou gets reports from both sides saying Moubu’s charge can’t be stopped and that Genu’s army is being pushed back. Jukoou says to send 1000 to Genu from HQ, a special force to Tou and no need to pay attention to Manu’s side with Moubu. Jukoou says there’s no need to bring out his special strategies for this.

    credits to jeeswag
    Wei Side:
    GHM notices that the Chu HQ hasn’t made any big moves so it probably means they believe they can still hold the push. The Manu’s and Genu’s elites push up on both sides to completely stop the advance of their respective enemies. Everyone is shocked to see the level of strength they have and Jukoou says the four of them are each from a destroyed country. Despite that they still had tens of thousands of soldiers and the reason why they’re still alive is because even if their countries disappeared they kept fighting and didn’t lose the battle so Chu simply accepted their survival. They are Chu soldiers who aren’t really Chu soldiers. Every single one of them who has continued to fight with the Chu are monsters. Genu pushes in and takes the head of Bakai while Jukoou says “these are the types of ppl you are fighting right now.”

    • 0verlord1

      value of joining the Discord: seeing spoilers

      • Malpheus

        One of many things, including actual discussion beyond what a comments section can provide. For instance, an entire channel dedicated to discussing history, or the one where…

        You know what fuck you too.

        • 0verlord1

          i, for one, am a member of the Kingdom Discord channel, and i like to read many of the different subject you can find there. but willing to recruit new members by presenting spoilers on a comment thread where the vast majority abhor such thing is not the smart way to go. And insult neither.

          • Malpheus

            Oh so you’re a cultured person with restraint. I’m not trying to recruit new people, i’m just saying spoilers are ready pretty early. In any case, please continue to go fuck yourself. If you speak another language primarily, fuck you in that too.

  14. Jason DeGoya

    How the hell am i supposed to join the discord then?

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