Kingdom Chapter 654

This chapter brought to you by Oshit oversleeping his alarm to typeset the chapter then ending the day blackout drunk in a bucket.

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26 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 654

  1. Binh Nguyen

    no wonder it taking so long. lol

  2. Kallefaen

    Thanks for the great work

  3. Ash

    So early into the battle and yet a Wei general already bite the dust.

    Thanks for the chapter,Oshit+sensescans

  4. Plumsbum

    Wow, such badassery. lol

  5. Thanks

    How very Australian? Thanks and happy hungover!

  6. X

    Baka-Sama is so dead in one chapter LOL!

  7. Maximus

    Happy Hangover!

  8. Tyr

    Ho snap, Tou and kouyoku (bayaku sword guy or whatever) will finally continue their duel…. well, if kouyoku has his way.

    Possible upset? (Low probability)

    Tou’s important but that kid’s dangerous

    • Ash

      Will be nice if Tou kill Kouyoku and take his Bakuya sword as his new weapon.

      • Cloud

        Nahh with the way they are hyping them up. tou is going to beat those chu not chu generals so bad that they are going to join his ranks out of respect to replace his 2nd in command dead not dead roukmi.

  9. Freeter the Neet

    dang, knew wei gonna lose 1-2 general, but didnt expect it to lose it that fast.

  10. Tyr

    Also, final thoughts on Agincourt:

    I dunno if u saw me run a scenario in the last thread, but, its possibly worth a look.

    Ultimately, fighting at high level takes a (small?) degree of egolessness. You have to be able to see things from your enemy’s point of view in real time. Henry could, and had a unified force; the french could not, and didn’t.

    A real life example of what i mean- i had a friend, J, who was a laxed tae kwan do black belt. But still, rumors in our friend group were that he was unbeatable. I rarely fought as a kid, but, tended to win, so i fancied myself… and asked j for a mock sparring session (no blows landed)

    He agreed… i approached him, and he kicked the air by my face.

    Surprised and ego bruised, i asked we go again… i approached, he kicked the air by my face.

    I did the same thing a few more times, then gave up.

    Having studied martial arts later, its unbelievable to me that i couldnt read the situation. He could kick, i couldnt. So, as i tried to get to punching range, he kicked. AND BECAUSE I COULDNT SEE IT FROM HIS VIEW, i never thought to studder step, feight, or block. I was waiting for the kick to be en route and then react, but, my eyes were too untrained for that, and his feet too fast.

    …basically, A. Guy’s arguing that the french were me. Henry didn’t have to be great, just good enough to use his range and their lack of training against them…

  11. Algarban

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  12. Tyr

    Oh crap! Something big jumped out on my reread

    Re, mouki being moubu’s strategist,

    Do you think it was a) moubu trying to give mouki a career boost bc nepotism, b) moubu going “gosh, I need a strategist badly, lemme write ki,”

    Or c) strategist shouheikun or whatshecalled gently suggesting/setting it up in a way moubu wouldnt freak out about?

    I’m guessing c). Which, considering mouki’s fellow student Ten’s success in the Hi Shin is rather interesting… are they a model for Shoheikun? Or was it an obvious hole that needed filling?

  13. letouriste

    badass oshit :p

  14. y

    So kanmei talking shit about defeating every enemies he’s facing is just fake?

  15. Hon Bo

    Ready for the F5 pregame?

  16. geroprog

    Thank you for the hard work!

  17. Ademir

    Thank yu for your work, i didnt know kingdom and now it is my 2/3 favourite manga. Now i cant donate much money but i promise to make a donation to wildlife charity when i find a job

  18. Ourorboros

    There seem to be no notice that Chapter 655 has been posted.
    The Wei are essentially running a pulling guard play.

  19. isteo

    I’m so sad !!!
    I never leave any comments but on turnipfamer site.
    Amazing work you’ve been doing.
    Sorry for my bad english.
    And thanks again for the great work.

  20. hawksmoore

    thanks for all those years of hardwork and weekly pleasant reading. what you have done for the reader community is truly amazing and you fucking deserve some kind of international award!!! i hope all will go well for you and i wish you the best. thanks, thanks a lot maestro

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