Kingdom Chapter 651

How did Ouki not win… Japanese voters a bunch of simps.

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34 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 651

  1. Tyr

    Am i first?

    This had to happen eventually.

    Wait- kyoukai has dragon green eyes? does that mean she’s destined to marry David Lo Pan, the demon cursed general????

    She could definitely tame the burning blade

  2. Jackson

    Thank you very much, turnip farmers!

  3. Ash

    Thanks for the chapter,oshit + sensescans

    So….Initially, it was 30,000 Qin soldiers VS 80,000 Chu soldiers
    With reinforcement, 50,000 Qin soldiers VS 110,000 Chu soldiers.
    I wonder how many Wei soldiers will come? And will Hi Shin unit/army come as well?

  4. TheKid

    Thanks for the hard work!

    Also got to say that I am kinda disappointed by all this “strongest” ever stuff… They had their biggest, strongest general killed by moubu in the past and I would have liked a bout of a diffent kind…
    I am still fine if he just goes and one-shots the guy but otherwise its just to much of this “biggest, strongest” stuff lately given we just saw Houken too..

    • Tyr

      Well, the whole time, we’ve heard consistently that Chu has a very deep roster of insanely strong generals, and the ones we’ve seen are a small fraction of, that, for various reasons, serve as the faces of chu’s offense.

      The expiation that Man’u and co. are where they are due to distrust is more than reasonable.

      Qin does the same with kanki…. they post him im places he couldnt deeply wound them if he suddenly got insubordinate.

      or if not they really, really should be

    • Hyuu

      Can’t say I don’t like how Tou ties up this plot hole, yes Chu has many great generals but they don’t really trust them and neither are they committed to Chu either. So what better then have them at all the important fortresses but not exactly with all the means to sustain themselves.

      • Tyr

        They have the troops to defend themselves. In fact, they left enough men in the fortress to withstand a seige, even if the guys in the field fail impossibly hard.

        Chu sent reinforcements to an already very one sided battle (even with qin’s reinforcements) in order to maintain Large tactical superiority.Bc they can.

        Re: strong generals you dont trust, three choices: 1) kill them 2)banish them/allow them to become an enemy 3) set them up in an isolated spot they can rule as they like, as long as they are required to defend it- which, because its their home they will. 4). “Kanki”

  5. Hon Bo

    Praise the almighty Turnip!

  6. letouriste

    thank you;)

  7. Finito Finito

    Check out this kickstarter

  8. inspiredKreatif

    thanks for the great work as always Turnips! Cheers.

  9. Hyuu

    I guess, I’m expecting some shady dealing from both Qin and Wei as the chapter continues. It makes sense that Wei turns up late, and makes straight for the city of Juuko instead of embroil itself in this battle as I mean best case scenario Chu and Qin beat themselves up and again Wei gets stronger in the process. Even if they intervened and then move on to the city together I find it hard to believe Wei would expect Qin to just hand over the city if they took it – if it’s that important.

    I also suppose Qin has no intention of beating the Chu armies either but are just holding them as again what better way to ensure Wei doesn’t come and stab you in the back when fighting Zhao when their busy defending themselves from Chu in the new city of Juuko.

  10. Tyr

    On the zhao field im hoping to see qin attack using quality against quantity to strike a single point, despite the depth.

    Shin + 100 go, leaving kyoukai and ten in charge, join mouten’s army for a day. Ouhon +100 do the same.

    …but maybe zhao would just take back any gains the next day?

    • Hyuu

      Pretty sure that has already been answered in the previous chapters.

      The Zhao’s defence line has so much depth that breakthroughs simply can’t be sustained, cause the idea of the breakthrough is to get behind their lines but you physically can’t reach the other side so at the end of the day you can’t just set up camp in the middle of the battlefield so whatever ground you made, you have to seed back.

      Also the defence lines encompass I think three cities too? So whatever breakthrough you make has to also have the numbers to take a city which compounds the difficulty into making a breakthrough of such size.

      I think modern parallels such as the battle of Kursk best exemplify the Qin Zhao arc

      • Tyr

        Except i wasnt thinking about a breakthrough. I was thinking about them trying to see if mouten’s sttateguc nind could convert focused gains by shin and ouhon into general forward momentum and push the lines back. I stated tbats what i’d like to see, as a fanboy as someone interested in strategy… and like you, concluded success was unlikely.

        But, if you’re stuck doing a task, why not try different ways of doing it? No harm in trying.

  11. Demut

    Hey guys, thank you for your hard work as always. Quick question: Did you guys stop updating the single chapter uploads on Dropbox or do you no longer do that? It’s how I usually get the latest couple of chapters which I then binge.

    • I normally just forget to do it… which is not a great reason but is the reason.

      Mostly because release timing is out of whack and by the time it actually does get released, I’m usually doing something else already or at work.

      I’ll update it now.

      • Demut

        No sweat, oshit, I only check in occasionally to binge and so wasn’t sure if you guys had changed anything in this regard since last I visited. Good to hear that you still upload the individual high-res chapters.

        Anyway, have a great day and keep up the good work.

  12. 0verlord1

    I don’t thinks i’ve seen a shonen or seinen manga (especially one who’ve been published for as long as Kingdom) with a female character being first in a ranking poll.

    Where’s the Duke for heaven’s sake?

  13. Muhammad Awe

    Its out on sensescans…
    for those who want to read…

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