Kingdom Chapter 525

Yet another melodramatic cliffhanger. Probably why Kingdom is on break next week.

Sadly, the chapter’s LQ again.

Ok, time to watch Game of Thrones.

edit: Added direct download links

Chapter 525: Read Online | DDL

Chapter 523: DDL

Chapter 524: DDL



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84 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 525

  1. Oseas

    Thanks Turnips.

  2. Jaydee

    i did it first, thx alot for the chapter

  3. Docboy

    Thanks for the good work.
    Keep it up…

  4. kyoukais left boob

    As always..Thanks!!

  5. Gyopoh

    Thank you! ..though to be honest not my favourite chapter.. since banana is banaani in my language, I have some difficulties with Bananjis character.. I keep thinking “oh great! It’s Ribokus big banana again”..I really should grow up..

  6. Gledi

    Thank your the hard work guys. Really appreciated😊👌🏻

  7. Schaid

    Comment first before read the manga. Thank you Turnip team!

  8. De

    Thanks as always, any idea when the downloads will be available?

    • I’ll try to get around to doing it soon (hopefully tonight).

      We also have these omake chapters in our dropbox but pretty strapped for time right now.

      Maybe with the break, we can get around to doing some.

  9. Sheory

    Thank you for this new chapter 😀

  10. mac

    Don’t mind LQ, i’m more interested in a top noth translation anyways.

    @oshit, what about the zip files for the last two chapters?

  11. Arianandhika

    Thanks turnip, decent chapter for me but I crave for some general heads rolling

  12. Lie

    that not one week break, it 3 week break…

  13. CameoSoldier


    Long LIVE GENERAL!!!!!!!!

  14. algarban

    OWW!!! Tanks again!! great chapter!!! i love the side battle, but where is our shin unit? Could they make him start making moves like the rest and learn how to be a comander?

    • Osi

      This is just the warm-up! On Qin left we have Riggan vs Mouten, etc- the Riggan crew was recently recruited by Riboku to fill heavy losses. On Qin’s right, Akou/Ouhon vs These Dudes, who seem to also have been recently recruited by Riboku.

      That means, Riboku did not split his force at all, and his whole army, who know his tactics and can fight as a unit, will be the center army. The real battle hasn’t even started yet

      • Guess

        I think both sides will end in cliffhangers and the center battle will start and cliffhanger, then the two sides will finish, then the center :p Will be 2 months before Mouten stabs Riboku 🙂

    • Ourorboros

      Shin is desperately eating his Wheaties so he can use Ouki’s glaive.

      Given that Shin wanted to ground his unit away by being posted at the front, now is not when he learns that being a general – or even an officer – is more than just yelling and charging.
      I understand the lack of strategic sense – which every general or senior officer needs – but not the lack of tactical sense, as he has tried to live in the field. I do eagerly await the day when the writers stop the downward slide of his intelligence. Even better is the day he starts to learn.

      • ivo

        Nah, he’ll always be a unit idiot. But, his combat IQ is high, despite not having a grasp of the strategies being applied on the field. That’s why, like Gaimon, he needs a tactician to set up the army and leave countless misiscule details to her. But once things get brewing and start getting chaotic, that’s where he shines with his intuition. The ability to make decisions on spot that seem to be out of the box to both the tactitians and other commanders as well, like when he decided to target Keisha, or save Duke Hyou from Mangoku army at Kankoku pass.

        • Osi

          He’s an instinctual type general, not a strategic type. Kingdom went through many chapters explaining the difference, and because he’s STILL young, he needs a strategist.

          He may always need a strategist, but maybe not. Recall, instinctual types learn in battle, grow in battle, and require a ton of experience to become great generals. Calling shin an idiot ON the field totally misses the point. Quite a few times, he read situations faster and better than any one else around- even in his first battle, and changed the game. Recall, it was Shin, not Ten, who decided to go after Kesha’s head, which won them the battle of Kokuyo or whatever vs. Zhao/Riggan.

          Shin will in my view eventually be a Duke Hyou-like general, starting fires, going against the grain, while typically leading from the front. Right now, he hungers for experience, which is totally, exactly, 100% what he should be focused on, without doubt or question, which is why he was mad he’s not in front. Ouhon, who knows strategy well, was, himself, not so thrilled at being in reserve, so to criticize shin for that seems a bit odd.

          Side note, why do people keep talking shit about kingdom here?? Guess what- if you are commenting on a web forum about a series five hundred episodes in, you love it. Period, end of… or else, are weirdly devoted to something mediocre, or else, are maybe just the kind of person who forces opinions on the web on anything and everything? And reads tons and tons of pages of something you think is shit?? Me… if I think something’s mediocre, I don’t read it.

          Me, I am totally in love! Those who don’t see the genius of this war re: Hara’s rendering are missing some of the central tenants to strategy in my humble opinion, battles are won and lost, often, before the soldiers even take the field, per Sun Tzu. That’s what we witnessed in this war here- the build-up wasn’t just build up, it was chess.

          • Cloud

            I agree with you. Lot more people are hating on the author for not explaining every detail of a battle in one chapter. But trolls will be trolls, that’s what happens when a manga gets more popular.

          • Hyuu

            Nah we got a taste of that through the Ousen grain machinations…except it’s a bit shame we didn’t get to see the “original” how to take Gyou plan…

  15. KaitoKief

    Thanks for the chapter

  16. Thanks!
    DL links for 523, 524 and 525?

  17. Seems like nothing much happened in this chapter.

    Thanks for the translation as always though. 🙂

  18. Ourorboros

    Does anybody else imagine Ouhon speaking in Vegeta’s voice?

    Minor quibble, Ouhon is showing his tactical ability, not strategic. Strategy pertains to the overall campaign, not how you fight an individual battle. Only the three great generals have shown any strategic insight.

    • Oushit_Dono

      Thanks a lot, now I keep hearing Vegera’s voice when ever I read Ouhon speech bubbles, damn it

      • Hyuu

        Well every time we’ve gotten a scene where a character suddenly realise that there’s a weapon suddenly at their neck they’ve been weaker at the stage in life…so Bananji with the spear at his eye…foreboding!

    • De

      Lets not forget Wang Qi and the bandit general, both have shown strategy and tactics when facing an enemy, also lets not leave out the “patient general’ Meng Ho.

  19. Letouriste

    Another worthless chapter:/ why the hell are they talking? The field is moving! They are commanders! Time is of essence here.they can talk all they want later.i would be really really disappointed if ouhon win here

  20. Jackson

    Thank you very much, turnip farmers! Much appreciated!

  21. X

    Thank you for this and for the bad news! 🙂 This will be a loooong week without kingdom.

  22. Nina

    Thank you, turnip farmers. Maybe the author is also thinking “Time to watch game of thrones”?

  23. John


  24. Mikk

    Niggastream is planning on picking up Kingdom.

    Please don’t drop it. We need quality scans and translations.

  25. Oresama

    There’s kingdom this week, right? F5 armies, ready yourselves!

    • Jae Hoon

      At the end of chanter 525 it says that it will resume on the 3rd of august with a double issue

    • Raws are all a bit up in the air at the moment. The official release date of the magazine Kingdom is published in is this upcoming Thursday.

      Obviously, if we can find raws earlier we’ll release before then.

  26. Elven

    been waiting for the omakes

  27. Osi

    Oy, all, if you trust me enough for a link, (or you could go google yourself) and curious, and not read it, here’s something interesting… “The art of War” by Sun Tzu- every strategist in Kingdom would have studied this. It was written about 200 years before where the story is now, and is still considered one of the greatest works on strategy (at least as far as I know)

    just ’cause I like your faces

  28. Oseas

    So we probably shouldn’t expect Kingdom for another few days.

  29. Tibia Player


  30. Any updates on the omakes?

  31. Speedydemon

    anyone knows when it maybe released chapter 526? Or is it still on break? thx in advance

  32. LeDecline

    Any updates, General Oshit?

  33. Vat

    the wait was so long that I had the time to read it from the beginning again kek

  34. Chapter probably out tomorrow. Currently working on the author afterwords’ in the omakes.

  35. rumeal

    that and one piece with hunter x hunter boku no hero academia. with 2 blunts of some sour

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