Kingdom Chapter 570

Don’t mind me just enjoying my nap while Kingdom was getting released.

Chapter 570: Read Online



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41 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 570

  1. storm4real

    At last!!

  2. Schaid

    Next chapter will be moving to Hi Shin Unit

  3. asdfs

    imagine heki somehow kills rozo that would be some funny shit

  4. DeenTheMajestic

    Thank you , you have my permission to nap now

  5. tbh I am happy at this chapter 570 going out this week, but confused at the same time.

    You guys released the last 3 chapter per 2 weeks, but now you decided to go back to 1 chapter per week?

    Again I am happy with you guys going back to 1 chapter per week again but please be more consistent. I wont expect 1 chapter per week if you cant deliver it consistently.

    • storm4real

      That wasn’t their fault. There was a holiday and another break by the magazine hence the 2 weeks interval between the last chapters.

    • Whenever I see comments like this. I seriously wonder about how many brain cells the average reader has…

      The chapter gets released every week (normally mid-week around this time). It’s been this way for as long as I can remember. The scanlation team as a whole has never taken any breaks.

      If the mangaka (Hara), that’s the guy who actually creates this manga, decides to take a break or if the magazine is on break because of a Japanese holiday, we can’t do anything about it. All breaks from the magazine or Hara are usually reported in the release post.

      Please submit all complaints about Hara taking a vacation or Weekly Jump not publishing issues during Golden Week / Christmas etc. to someone else. We can’t help you out here.

    • Heki

      Kreich Gaming, I’m disliking all of your YouTube videos

  6. thank you turnip farmerss!!!!!!!!!!



  8. Heki

    Heki will save both of them. Coming from behind and slay the enemy king. All hail General Heki

  9. LeTouriste

    thank you!
    heki can’t die anyway. i’m willing to bet he will die in a battle involving shin (for growth sake) or not die at all (unlikely given how dumb he seems to be and his crush on mantanwa the battle freak)

    • Ourorboros

      I think he won’t die, he will be comic relief forever.
      I don’t think this manga needs it, but I’m not the writer.

      • Heki

        I will die in the near future, the history will not changed

        • Marsius

          But right now Heki doesn`t have historical counterpart. The one Hara was basing him on happened to be a translation error. So, now author is not limited by historic events and there are equal chances for Heki to live or die.

  10. Michiru

    In battle of Tornyu Heki strategically kill general of rebel army by simply hide the archers. So although he is not great like Shin or the other he is still an ordinary general who standout over other ordinary general.

  11. Shin

    Is it time for F5?

  12. Gledi

    Raws are out. Careful of spoilers.

  13. Go Kei

    F5 army at the ready!
    @Gledi, thanks!

  14. Heki

    Kitari: I wish you luck in battle
    Heki: !! Yes, I wish you luck in battle as well, Kitari-dono Take care of tanwa-sama and bunen’s head. Let’s go, Heki-squad
    Heki squad: Yessir

  15. lore

    bro there are like 50 chapters what…..

  16. Yohafin

    I think 571 will relased in about 12 hrs fr now. I pray for your health Turnip guys

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